Sony Ericsson P910i Smartphone

The Sony Ericsson P910 is a smartphone by Sony Ericsson and the successor of the Sony Ericsson P900. The P910 has a full QWERTY keyboard on the back of the flip (the flip can also be removed completely, allowing for a 'traditional' PDA form-factor.) The biggest change from the P900 to the P910 is that the P910 now supports Memory Stick Pro Duo and the phone's internal memory has been upped from 16MB to 64MB. Although Memory Stick Pro Duo comes in larger capacities, the maximum supported by the P910 is 1GB owing to performance lags. It is powered by an ARM9 processor clocked at 156MHz and runs the popular Symbian OS with the UIQ graphical user interface. Also, the touchscreen displays 262,144 colours (an 18-bit colour depth) , as opposed to the P900's 65,536 (16-bit).

It has PDA and digital camera – with video. Writing e-mail on a mobile device has never been easier. P910i has a fully featured keyboard on the back of the flip for easy text input. And what about taking pictures and sending them to your friend’s mobile phone or e-mail – this is easy too. Press the camera button, tap the send button on the P910i touchscreen, choose a contact and your picture or video clip is on its way.

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