8MP Mobile take shot at camera market

The Samsung i8510 is the first phone to be launched in the UK with an eight-megapixel camera, meaning that it can produce pictures similar in quality to most digital cameras.

The phone is being rolled out across Carphone Warehouse stores this week.

The i8510 also has a flash and can detect when people in the picture are smiling.

Previous cameraphones have been criticised for their poor image quality, with five megapixels being the highest quality generally available.

Mark Mitchinson, Vice President of Samsung Mobile UK and Ireland, said: "This certainly marks a new era in mobile phone technology.

George Dymond, The Carphone Warehouse UK Trading Director, said: "In only a few years we have seen camera-phone technology improve from just 1MP to 8MP."

The Samsung move is likely to see a response from other phone manufacturers, with competitors likely to be releasing improving camera capability in their latest phones.

The one area where digital cameras are still in the ascendancy is lenses, as mobile phones do not currently have the space to incorporate the zoom lenses found in some compact cameras.


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