Is the Samsung Instinct Really an 'iPhone Killer'?

The Samsung Instinct has finally made it to market, and already it's been touted as a serious competitor to Apple's popular iPhone 3G. It's sleek, full of features and it's all touch-screen. It's also less expensive. But is it better than the iPhone 3G? Digital Journal -- With the rising popularity of Apple's iPhone 3G, it was only a matter of time until competitors started copying design, function and features to tap into a burgeoning market (read: growing revenue stream). Mobile phones continue to get smarter, more feature-rich and very near to a full-blown computer in your pocket. In October 2007, Digital Journal TV reviewed the HTC Touch (see video review) because it was the closest thing to the iPhone at that time. We found a number of cool features, but the Touch was simply no iPhone. Then Apple released the new iPhone 3G this year and the tech world went insane. We took an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the gadget that has made techies foam at the mouth. Overall, we were pretty impressed (see our video review here). And so we meet the Samsung Instinct -- the device the world has waited for; critics, journalists and gadget lovers are dying to know if the Instinct is really worth its weight in headline ink, and how it compares to the almighty Apple iPhone 3G. If you can't afford the iPhone 3G, if you don't want to lock yourself in on a three-year contract, or if you simply don't like its features, the Samsung Instinct is said to be a great alternative. In this episode of Digital Journal TV, we break down the pros and cons and wade through the hype to find out if the Samsung Instinct really has what it takes to dethrone the smartphone king. Are you an iPhone 3G or Instinct owner? What do you think about either gadget? Do you prefer another mobile phone? Share your thoughts!

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