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With over five million downloads of its cell phone software, cellity continues to lead the way as one of the leading providers of mobile communication applications. Since its founding in October 2006, millions of cell phone users from across the globe have benefited from cellity's unique mobile software which features free text-messaging and mobile emails, low-cost calling, Instant Phone Conferencing and live twitter updates while on the go. The cellity user base comes from Asia (60%), Europe (25%), with the remaining 15% from other regions. The Hamburg-based company is also benefitting from the worldwide jump in mobile data traffic which has drawn attention to cellity's mobile software applications.

As online communication becomes more and more diverse and feature-rich, managing contact data has become more and more complex and time-consuming. Given these developments, cellity has announced that it will release its trailblazing addressbook 2.0 at the end of October, which will allow users of its cellity Communicator application to update contact data from various platforms on a single platform and easily begin communication with them. This new cellity product will clearly place the origin of all messaging-the contact details of - in the foreground.

"There are many different channels of communication in use today for staying in touch with friend and business partners, from your cell phone contact and Outlook all the way to Twitter and social network platforms," says Sarik Weber, Head of Marketing and co-founder of cellity AG adding that, "With addressbook 2.0, cellity users will always have the most recent details for all their contacts at any time, no matter where they are, whether on their cell phone or on our Web site, and, thanks to our service, can communicate directly with their fellows."

For more information, visit: http://www.cellity.com/preview

All cellity products can be used with any user's cell phone number and SIM card.

Cellity Communicator features at a glance

- mobile email: Send and receive emails from any email account, works
with any phone
- freeSMS: Send and receive text messages free anywhere in the world
- groupCALL: Easily make conference calls at competitive rates on your
cell phone
- worldCALL: Make international calls at low prices from anywhere in the
- remoteCALL: Redirect calls to other phones and save on roaming charges
- backup: Store and recover your mobile contact details from a secure
- Twitter: Easy mobile twittering feature, avoiding SMS

About cellity AG

Based in Hamburg, Germany, cellity AG (http://www.cellity.com/) was founded in October 2006 and offers innovative mobile telephony services based on its own software technology. The software application suite cellity Communicator includes the features mobile email, freeSMS, SMS, groupCALL, worldCALL, remoteCALL, Twitter, and addressbook backup. As of the end of October, addressbook 2.0 will be integrated in its application suite, allowing users to update and have their contact data available at all times no matter where they are.

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