Review: Samsung i900 Omnia

if you’ve been tempted by the iPhone 3G but don’t fancy the idea of having to take out a contract with 02, or indeed being locked to Apple and its music store, then Samsung’s new box of tricks could be just what you’re looking for.

Like Apple’s all-in-one device, the Omnia features a touch-screen interface, sat nav, Wi-Fi and an accelerometer for auto screen rotation.

The Omnia’s really strong point is its excellent 5MP camera which wipes the floor with the puny offering that you find on the iPhone, with a half-decent flash helping to further mark it above its rival.

If you’re one of the few people who actually make video calls, you’ll also be pleased to see the inclusion of a second camera, another feature that the iPhone lacks.

To add to the phone’s multimedia credentials, the Omnia can play back DivX videos, has a TV out option, a tweaked version of Opera’s excellent mobile web browser and a built-in FM radio.

Like HTC’s recent Diamond Touch, the Samsung runs off a modified version of Windows Mobile 6.1.

While Samsung have made some clever alterations to Microsoft’s clunky operating system, it still feels a little fiddly at times, with the cramped onscreen keyboard being the handset’s real Achilles heel.

Nevertheless, while it may lack the iPhone’s slick interface and ease of use, the Omnia’s impressive feature list still makes it a more than worthy alternative.


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