Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today announced SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT, its commitment to the take-back and recycling (TB&R) of Samsung-branded consumer electronics across all of its product lines. Beginning October 1, 2008, people will be able to drop off their Samsung-branded consumer electronics sold in the United States at convenient collection sites, including permanent drop-off centers in all 50 states, and at a wide range of recycling events across the country. Through this convenient recycling program, Samsung-branded consumer electronics will be accepted for no fee, and non-Samsung-branded consumer electronics will be accepted for a nominal fee paid directly to Samsung’s contracted recycling partners upon delivery of the e-waste.
“Since the 1996 launch of our global Green Management Initiative, Samsung Electronics Company has been a staunch advocate of preserving our environment and greening the consumer electronics industry,” said DJ Oh, President and CEO, Samsung Electronics America. “As a global enterprise, we have worked diligently to put our environmental responsibility philosophy into practice across our worldwide operations, among our suppliers and partners, and within our local communities. Today we are very pleased to once again affirm those philosophies by announcing that our SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT 50-state take-back and recycling commitment extends across all Samsung-branded consumer electronics sold in the United States with the exception of home appliances. However, there will be a growing number of drop-off locations that will accept home appliances.”
Samsung elected to contract directly with recycling companies, unlike other consumer electronics TB&R programs that rely on intermediaries. Samsung conducted extensive research into the qualifications, capabilities, and integrity of these companies to ensure that they mirror Samsung’s own environmental philosophy. As such, the SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT program will only utilize recyclers that do not incinerate, landfill, or export toxic waste to developing countries. The SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT program also allows Samsung to track and monitor all of the collected consumer electronics for added assurance that it is recycled responsibly. Mr. Oh added, “We took the extra care to develop the SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT program to achieve the highest integrity end-of-life standards. Samsung Electronics America has set scorecard standards with our contracted recyclers, and we will track and monitor their processes and results very closely.” SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT results will be posted on throughout the year. This will provide an unprecedented level of transparency to the public.
The SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT program joins the numerous TB&R initiatives that the Companycurrently has in place. Samsung’s Information Technology Division currently has a 50-state S.T.A.R. Toner Recycling Program for printer cartridges and the Envirosync initiative which takes back and recycles Samsung-branded and other branded office equipment for no fee to the end-user or reseller when purchasing new Samsung-branded office equipment. In addition, Samsung also provides recycling for mobile phones through its 50-state Samsung Mobile Take-back Program. Samsung’s commitment will now apply to all Samsung-branded consumer electronics ranging from televisions, DVD and VHS players, audio equipment and home theater systems, to cameras, camcorders, computer monitors, printers, and peripherals. In addition, a growing number of fixed drop-off locations will be made available for home appliances.
“As a leader in the consumer electronics industry, we at Samsung listened carefully to our consumers’ needs and wants to build the consumer-centric SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT program which delivers on their highest priorities,” stated Steven Cook, senior vice president and chief strategic marketing officer, Samsung Electronics America, “This resulted in a convenient way to responsibly recycle their consumer electronics products so that our consumers can enjoy a digital lifestyle in good conscience.”
How Consumers Can Get Involved with the SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT program:
Samsung has developed a comprehensive program to make it easier for consumers to recycle Samsung- branded consumer electronics in the most convenient and safest way, using leading and respected TB&R vendors. Beginning on October 1, 2008, consumers will be able to engage Samsung and its recycling partners in any of the four ways described below. Regardless of the method, Samsung-branded consumer electronics sold in the United States will be accepted for recycling for no fee through the SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT program.
1. SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT Fixed Drop-off Points in all 50 States: Drop off Samsung-branded consumer electronics at a fixed collection point as identified on our website. Samsung-branded home appliance drop-off opportunities will also be available at a growing number of locations specifically described on our website. Non-Samsung-branded consumer electronics will be accepted for a nominal, weight-based fee paid directly to Samsung’s contracted recycling partners upon delivery of the e-waste. A list of fixed collection points can be found as of October 1, 2008 at:
2. SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT Sponsored TB&R Events in all 50 States: Drop off Samsung-branded consumer electronics at recycling events sponsored by Samsung beginning in October 2008.Samsung will schedule these events to make it easier for consumers to recycle their Samsung-branded consumer electronics conveniently and responsibly. Non-Samsung-branded consumer electronics will be accepted for a nominal, weight-based fee paid directly to Samsung’s contracted recycler upon delivery of recycled goods. A list of Samsung-sponsored TB&R events can be found as of October 2008
3. SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT TB&R Drives with Retail and Business Partners Across the U.S.: “Samsung recently started TB&R programs in conjunction with some of our retailers. With the SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT program, Samsung is committed to hosting special TB&R drives with our retail and business partners to make it easy for consumers to responsibly recycle their consumer electronics,” stated Tim Baxter, executive vice president of sales and marketing for the Consumer Electronics Division. A regularly updated list of recycling drives can be found starting October 2008 at:
4. Pre-Scheduled / Non-Samsung-Sponsored TB&R Drives with Leading Recyclers: Drop off Samsung-branded consumer electronics at a pre-scheduled recycling drive or non-Samsung-sponsored event that our leading recycling partners are conducting, and the Samsung-branded products will be accepted for no fee. Non-Samsung-branded products will be accepted for a nominal weight-based fee paid directly to the recycler upon delivery of the e-waste. A regularly updated list of pre-scheduled recycling drives and non-Samsung-sponsored events conducted by our recycling partners can be found as of October 2008 at:
SAMSUNG RECYCLING DIRECT Responsible Recycling Partners
To execute TB&R activities in 50 states, Samsung has directly partnered with leading e-waste recyclers in the United States.
• Chicago-based SIMS Group Limited, which has operations on the Northeast region, the West Coast, the Midwest, and the South.
• Wisconsin-based CRT Processing LLC, which has operations across the Northeast region, the Midwest, and the Pacific Northwest regions.
• New York-based Eco International LLC, which has operations across the mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and
• Minnesota-based JFRC, LLC, which operates in the northern Midwest.
Mr. Oh concluded, “As with any program of this magnitude and consumer-centric focus, considerations that include convenience, respect for environment and people, responsible program management, and the highest integrity are absolutely critical for a sustainable success. We at Samsung recognize our colleagues in the consumer electronics industry who have introduced take-back and recycling initiatives in recent months, and we sincerely invite those companies seeking a path to environmental responsibility for them to join us in our commitment to tackle this important issue.” Additional information about today’s announcement and Samsung’s environmentally-responsible activities can be found at
About Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), based in Ridgefield Park, NJ, is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (SEC). SEA markets a broad range of award-winning consumer electronics, information systems, and home appliance products, as well as oversees all of Samsung’s North American operations including Samsung Telecommunications America, LP, Samsung Semiconductor Inc., Samsung Electronics Canada, Inc. and Samsung Electronics Mexico, Inc. As a result of its commitment to innovation and unique design, SEA was ranked #6 in the Electronics Industry segment in Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies 2008,” and named as one of Fast Company’s “Fast 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2008.” Among popular BusinessWeek rankings, SEC ranked #26 in the publication’s “Most Innovative Companies of 2008” and #21 in the “100 Best Global Brands” for 2007. SEC is also a top patent holder, ranking second overall in the U.S. in 2007. Please visit for more information.
About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2007 consolidated sales of US$103.4 billion. Employing approximately 150,000 people in 134 offices in 62 countries, the company consists of four main business units: Digital Media Business, LCD Business, Semiconductor Business, and Telecommunication Business. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit

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