Samsung U900 Soul Cell Phone with 5-Megapixel Camera

Samsung has again done wonders with the Samsung U900 Soul Unlocked GSM Cell Phone. This highly innovative yet stunningly attractive mobile phone can easily awe you with its impressive multimedia features and ultra thin architecture.

Sometimes, you’ll wonder how a device that is not even an inch thick can make calls, send messages, connect to the Internet, support multiple multimedia applications and even transform into a 5-megapixel camera. Then you look at your Samsung U900 Soul and simply enjoy the perks of this ultra cool mobile phone.

Even at first glance, you’ll notice the Samsung U900 Soul’s design is different from other sliding phones in the market today.

 Samsung U900 Soul Unlocked GSM Cell Phone It’s chic, modern 2008-ish look is ultra thin and super sexy with its touch-sensitive dual-screen navigation and casing. This thin phone is definitely worthy of being called the next-generation sliding mobile phone.

There’s this air of sophistication in the Samsung U900 Soul. Its metallic body gives a durable, high-quality texture onto the mobile phone. The simple, smooth, minimalist architecture is striking, and your thumb rests comfortably on the base of the slide, which moves smoothly up to reveal the cellphone’s keypad. This phone takes pride on its touch-sensitive navigation keypad, and Samsung even refers to it as the “magical touch interface,” and it’s not hard to figure out why. The touch navigation keypad alters icons according to the menu you select, continuously modifying to meet various needs.

If multimedia is what you want, multimedia is what you get in the Samsung U900 Soul. First, its pride. This unlocked GSM cell phone takes pride on its 5-megapixel camera, pretty awesome for a camera phone since its resolution is even higher than other digital cameras. Its camera even has an autofocus feature. Now, you don’t need to get a separate digital camera because you can not only make calls with this mobile phone, but you can also take incredible, high-resolution pictures with it. The phone also supports 3G video calling.

Transform your Samsung U900 Soul to your MP3 player as well.  Samsung U900 Soul Unlocked GSM Cell Phone You can upload your favorite music files (this supports a wide range of audio formats) into your mobile phone, and all you have to do is enjoy the music. Well, if you are tired of your own music playlist, then perhaps you can access some new ones with Samsung U900 Soul’s built-in FM player. Have fun browsing through your favorite FM stations.

Another impressive feature is its 100MB of internal memory. But if that’s not enough, expansion is possible with the Samsung U900 Soul. Just plug in a microSD memory card and the possibilities on what you can do with your mobile phone is virtually limitless. Battery life is commendable as well. And it just won’t stop there. If you think the features of the Samsung U900 Soul is limited to music playing, photo taking and call making, then you are definitely wrong. This phone is also email-ready; it can view documents, and can connect through the convenient technology of Bluetooth.

The Samsung U900 Soul Unlocked GSM Cell Phone is the perfect example of the phrase ‘all great things come in small packages.’


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