Sony Ericsson launches beta SDK for XPERIA X1 panel development

Sony Ericsson Developer World has announced the release of the Sony Ericsson Beta Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows Mobile 6.1, a set of tools, plug-ins and documentation that allows developers to build and test XPERIA Panels and applications for Windows Mobile 6.1 to be used on the XPERIA X1 phone. The SDK and accompanying documentation will be freely available to all developers to download.

The Sony Ericsson SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1 will allow a wide range of developers and content makers to develop, test and deploy Web and native Panels for the XPERIA X1. The Panels are lightweight applications that extend the phone's ‘Today Screen' API to provide a fully customisable user interface on the XPERIA X1.

"With the release of the SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1, we are inviting developers and content creators to capitalise on the vast opportunity offered by mobile content in the coming years," says Rikko Sakaguchi, CVP and Head of Creation and Development at Sony Ericsson. "This is yet another milestone in Sony Ericsson's commitment to provide our partners with a complete, rich and open development environment that catalyses innovation and variety in mobile content and gives the best user experience to the consumers."

The SDK combines development tools for Microsoft Visual Studio with guidelines and resources designed to get developers deploying XPERIA Panels quickly and easily. A built-in XPERIA X1 phone device phone emulator enables developers to build and test Panels directly on their PCs without resorting to phone hardware. Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio also gives developers a set of predefined components for creating Panels that spares them having to spend time/resources creating code and allows them to start their Panel projects with a single mouse click.

"Windows Mobile provides an open, flexible platform to help developers create rich applications and new mobile experiences," said John O'Rourke, general manager of the Mobile Communications Business, Microsoft Corp. "Developers can utilise this new toolset to build Xperia panels and open up a world of possibilities for people to interact with the X1 phone."


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