Sony Ericsson W760 Walkman phone

Sony Ericsson W760 Walkman phone
Rating: 4/5

The arrival of the W760 marks Sony Ericsson's first Walkman-branded handset with global HSDPA support, a feature that will no doubt benefit online music shoppers and web junkies. If you don't crave such data speeds, there's still a swag of other features on board this capable handset. While we liked the size and weight of this slider-style Walkman, its smooth curves and clean-looking design are slightly cheapened by its all-plastic body. The 2.2 display is sharp and the uncluttered button and menu layout make navigating the handset's functions a breeze.

Music duties are handled by the superior Walkman software, which can sort music collections into groups including, artists, albums, years and genre. Playlists can also be created to suit a certain mood using the SensMe option. Other music features include Shake Control, which changes songs with a flick of the handset. There's also a capable onboard FM tuner, stereo speakers and TrackID, which does an impressive job of identifying unknown songs.

The 3.2 megapixel camera lacks most Cybershot niceties, including auto-focus, flash and a dedicated camera button, though photos can be geotagged with GPS coordinates, plus this is one of the first handsets with Telstra's Mobile Code Reader application which decodes photos taken on special mobile codes that have started appearing in print, online and elsewhere. These codes can be anything from online links to additional product information, specials and free downloads.

This also features GPS, along with several handy applications for tracking fitness and turn-by-turn navigation, though these modes attract additional data costs as maps aren't stored on the handset. Anaccelerometer rounds out the handset's main new features.

Add to these latest features solid communications, and this is a worthy update for the Walkman series, which only loses points for its camera and plastic build.


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