Top 10 mobile applications for windows mobile

How smart is your smart phone?

A machine is only as smart as the software it runs, and with the growing trend toward smart phones — mobiles with an operating system capable of running software applications, like on a laptop or desktop — there's a boundless buffet of applications from which to choose.

But mobile operating systems come in many different flavours: Apple's iPhone, Microsoft's Windows Mobile, Google's open-source Android, the consortium led by Nokia pushing Symbian, Java-based phones and still some others.

Because of this, any list of popular software is going to be coloured by the operating system for which it is designed., for example, lists 17,859 titles for Windows Mobile alone.

And, according to Microsoft, the most popular add-on applications are more about fun than business.

So here are the Top Ten downloadable applications for the Windows Mobile smart phone. Unfortunately, not all titles work in Canada because of lack of carrier support. Perhaps that will change as other players get into the wireless business. They're included here as an example of what's driving the market.

1. UNO $19.95 It's a race to get rid of all your cards. You can play against three other players from within the game — but not online, as of yet. It also has the option of playing by the set classic rules or by your own version.
2. BarBack Drink Guide $19.95 With 10,000 different drinks at your fingertips, you'll be the life of the party. Search by ingredients, type of glass, themes and more.
3. Leonard Maltin Movie Guide Ever browsed the aisles at you local DVD store, picked up a box and thought: "Hmm, I wonder if this is any good?" Just ask Leonard Maltin, whose Movie Guide puts 20,000 reviews in your hand along with ratings, plot quality, summaries and other trivia.
4. Cellfire Client $19.95 Cellfire is the coupon's next frontier. Instead of clipping them, though, the application downloads discounts from brands and retailers you sign up with. The good news is that the coupons are for DVD rentals, shopping, dining and entertainment. The bad news? Not yet offered in Canada.
5. 12,000 Recipes Database $19.95 What's for dinner? Shop for fresh ingredients by season and get inspired by searching 12,000 recipes on your mobile. Database lists appetizers, mains and desserts, along with ethnic and specialty recipes. This app also features pictures of what the dish is supposed to look like.
6. Meter Minder for Smartphone 2003 $2.95 It may not prevent you from ever getting a parking ticket again, but at least you'll receive fair warning if you run over time at a meter. This application is basically an alarm clock that alerts you five to 30 minutes prior to the meter's expiry, and again after time runs out. Even you don't park at a meter, it provides a great excuse to cut out early: "Gotta go feed the meter!"
7. Inrix Traffic $29.95 annual subscription When you're going from A to B, it's not about the journey, it's about avoiding traffic tie-ups. Inrix Traffic reports key traffic information in real time, calculating traffic flow, travel times and predicting when traffic is about to get congested based on historical data, time of day and what's happening around you. Unfortunately, while it works in 60 cities around the U.S. and in many British cities, it does not work in Canada. Better to stick with local radio stations.
8. Bills and Reminders $9.95 Can't remember which bill is due when? Bills and Reminders is a utility for tracking bill payments. Set up the recurring bills, and it'll remind you when it's due. Though strangely, Outlook, which is included with Windows Mobile, can be set up to do the same thing, prompting the question as to why this app is so popular. Doesn't everyone just pay their bills at the end of the month?
9. Bankarama $18.95 If you're one of those people who has to know their bank and credit-card balance to the penny at any given time, this is for you. Bankarama lets you record a transaction in just a couple of seconds, letting you know if you're in danger of going into overdraft or over your limit. Works on multiple accounts.
10. TipsByte $4.95 Hate getting stuck figuring out the tip? Or splitting the bill after lunch? TipsByte automatically rounds up numbers, letting you split the tab and the tip.

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