Use Communicator Mobile 2.0 on your Windows

If you just want to try Communicator Mobile 2.0 without installing it on your Windows Mobile device, you can use a device emulator running on your desktop computer (or even running the emulator in a Virtual PC on your desktop machine J).

This guide will instruct you, how to install all required components and also includes all download links. It was tested on a physical Windows Vista SP1 32-Bit and 64-Bit, Virtual Windows Vista SP1 32-Bit and Virtual Windows XP SP3 32 Bit.

To set up a virtual Mobile environment, you will have to install the following components:

· Virtual PC 2007

· Active Sync

· Microsoft Device Emulator 3.0

· Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Images

· Communicator Mobile 2.0

Of course, you can also use older version of Windows Mobile (Communicator Mobile is supported on Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1), but this might also be a good opportunity to test the latest Windows Mobile release.

If you want to develop software for Windows Mobile, you should also install Visual Studio. The free Visual Studio 2008 Express is available at

Virtual PC 2007

For the emulator to get Internet connectivity over TCP/IP – independent of ActiveSync – the Virtual Machine Network (VMNet) Driver is required. While the VMNet Driver used to be a dedicated download, the only way to install it now, is to install Virtual PC 2007.

Install Active Sync

In order to connect a mobile with your PC you will have to install ActiveSync. If ActiveSync is already installed, you can skip this step. Depending on your operating system, you will have to install either ActiveSync 4.5 (Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista). For Windows Vista a 32 and 64 Bit version are available.

Windows XP

ActiveSync 4.5 –

Windows Vista

1. Windows Mobile Device Center –

2. Start Window Mobile Device center

3. Accept License terms

Install Microsoft Device Emulator 3.0

Next step is the installation of Microsoft Device Emulator 3.0 to run virtual mobile devices.

Install Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Images

After having the Microsoft Device Emulator 3.0 installed, you also need an operating system for your virtual devices. Communicator Mobile 2.0 is supported on Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1. For this guide, Windows Mobile 6.1 was used in the USA version (Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Images (USA).msi)

Install Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Images again

To get the device running, you will have to execute the installer again. Choose “repair” as the option. You might get the following error message, which can be ignored.

Change the connection settings

Now you need to change the connection settings, so that your Computer is able to establish a connection to your mobile using DMA. This slightly differs depending on your operating system.

Windows XP

Right click Active Sync in Taskbar >> Connection Settings >> Allow connections to one of the following >> DMA

Windows Vista

Start >> Control Panel >> Windows Mobile Device Center >> Change Connection Settings >> Allow Connections using the following >> DMA

Start Virtual Device

Time has come to start the Device:

Start >> Programs >> Windows Mobile 6 SDK >> Standalone Emulator Images >> US English >> WM 6.1 Professional

Start Device Emulator Manager

After starting the device, you need to start the Device Emulator Manager:

Start >> Programs >> Windows Mobile 6 SDK >> Tools >> Device Emulator Manager

Connect Virtual Device

To establish a connection between your computer and the mobile, right click the device and select “cradle” in the Device Emulator Manager. If you start the Virtual Device before the Device Emulator Manager, you might not see your virtual mobile in the list. Just click Refresh to make it appear.

The device will be now connected to your computer and a sync partnership will be established.

Troubleshooting hint: If the sync center does not connect to your device, disable the option “Allow connections to one of the following”, close the dialog, and enable it again with the setting DMA.

Install Communicator Mobile 2.0

Having the device up and running and connected to your PC, you can have to install Communicator Mobile 2.0. Run the Installer on the host computer (not on the emulated mobile).

Start CoMo

Now, after having everything installed, you are ready to start Communicator and sign in. Do not forget to provide your credentials and configure the server settings.

Troubleshoot hint: On my virtual Windows Vista, I was not able to connect to the Internet from my Virtual Phone until I changed the connection Settings to Automatic (in Windows Mobile Device Center >> Mobile Device Settings >> more >> Connection Settings >> This computer is connected to: >> Automatic).


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