Viigo: A True Mobile RSS Reade

Today, just about every website worth visiting has an RSS (really simple syndication) feed or feeds that serve up fresh content to RSS readers so users don't even need to type in a Web addresses to find the content they seek.

There are a plethora of choices for desktop and notebook computer users, but there aren't very many mobile readers that deliver the same quality--especially free readers. That's what makes Viigo special.

Viigo provides instant access to any RSS feed available on the Web via an easy to read and aesthetically-pleasing interface. And it supports the popular Google Reader service so users can import existing collections of RSS feeds from computers to mobile devices.

The application works with any BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device, and its preserves their user interfaces so there are no new navigation techniques or tricks to learn or get accustomed to.

Viigo's simple interface lets users add any feed or "channel" they wish by simply pasting in the feed's Web address, and the application offers some 2,500 pre-selected channels. Viigo pushes feed updates to users' handhelds and stores them on the devices so content can be accessed without cellular connectivity.

Viigo Standard Edition (SE) is free for download from the company's site, and there are two versions you need to buy: Viigo Publisher is meant to help content producers or publishers mobilize and easily present their content, and Viigo Corporate Edition (CE) is designed to assist enterprises in provide necessary information to employees via mobile device.

Viigo is not the only free mobile RSS readers for BlackBerrys, but its user interface is easier to read and more attractive than others like.

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