XploreME! 4 free mobile application download


XploreME! 4 beta 1 is OUT!!!
Supports most Java phones out there so give it a try.
I tried on my N73me works fine.
Download (pass: todose.com)


Due lack of time i’ve decided to publish an open beta of XploreME! 4!
This is still a beta version and not fully tested on Nokia/SonyErricson.
There are more feature that im intent to add, and will be in the final
version or in the following versions.

XploreME! 4 doesn’t support 176*220 yet, will be in future versions!

XploreME! support phones with resolution of 320*240,
to use utilities that uses files “file access” permission must be enabled.
for using Rss reader, “internet access” permission must be enabled.

More guides, screenshot and help will be published later on.

Please report me on any bug you find trought the Bug Reports forum.

Well im proud to present after a long developing time:
XploreME! 4
the biggest upgrade made so far to XploreME!


Here is the changes log, updated screenshots will be published later on.

4.0 Beta 1
- Almost all of the program’s code has rewritten from zero.
- Added support for other phones platform besides motorola: nokia and sonyericcson
- added “Choose platform” sceen in the first time XploreME! is launched
- XploreME! is Working much faster, directory listing is more than 80% faster, waiting screens removed
- Total new graphical interface (Xgui) in all XploreME! screen
- new icons, some in replace and some are new.
- New Xgui MainMenu, now includes the utilities, Choose Source, About screens also
- New Xgui Options menu
- New Multi-language support, XploreME! can now be translated to other languages
- XploreME’s saving and loading options(RMS) is now faster means XploreME! loading is faster
- Added language selection to Options menu

- Added icon on topic.
- Added Xgui Menu in replace of the Menu that supplied with the phone.

- Now in Xgu
- New Listing module working way faster than before
- Mixed mode now loads drive E (at motorola) also
- Removed : Move to top / Move to bottom items from list.
- Files Actions is now from Soft1, Menu is from Soft3(middle)
- Multi-files selections and operations are now available
- Added Cut-Copy-Paste actions
- New Controls: (joystick or keys 4 6 8 2 5)
Up / Down - Move up down
Left / Right - Page up down
5 - run item
1 - move to top
3 - move to buttom
* - Search files
- Added text scrolling for long filenames.
- Added File’s info.
- Added “View in reader” in file actions.

- new Playlist module
- faster player loading (by loading the skin only once)
- can return the the player screen from almost all XploreME!’s screen
by pressing “#”
- Can Add files from multi paths
- Can Enqueue new files to exsiting playlist
- Can SAVE AND LOAD play list
- Playlist File extension is: “.xmpl” can be launched via browser

playlist file structure:
every line is a track file name (without a path)
line that starts with # indicates the current path
line that start with * **** the folowing path with all it’s files and subfolders

- Can load player skins from phone’s memory/card, not only from
Jar-File! By the Options menu or by pressing the “player.ini” file in
the broswer.
- added new graphics to Winamp and Default Skins.
- WMP11 skin renewed, looking better
- Added looped playing of the same track by pressing 1 in the player.(playing mode)
- Added “Play Tree by default” in options.
- Changes in skin making definitions:
-”barS” changed to “vols” (space between volume bars)
- added “barP”: (time bar mode)
0 = only bar
1 = bar with graphic on the edge(9.png)
2 = only graphic on the edge(9.png)
- added “barPH”: bar’s graphic(9.png) Y loacation.

- new Xgui inteface
- New Controls: (joystick or keys 4 6 8 2)
Up / Down - Move up down
Left / Right - Page up down
1 - move to top
3 - move to buttom
- now reads Unicode and Uncode-BigEndian
files as well as Ansi files like before
- more reader options will be availabe in future versions

- Uses Xgui interface
- Loads pictures up to 20-30% faster
- new Xgui Menu
- The keys “5″ and “Soft1″ flipped back: 5 - center the image(and opens menu in V3x)
and Soft1 - Fit to screen.
- Loading big images at Nokia/Sony Erricson isn’t supported yet.

- 3 new utilities: RSS Reader, Dicer, Scorer
- Utilities via mainmenu

RSS Reader
- Needs internet enabled phone.
- can read textual(only) RSS feeds
- maitains feeds (add,edit,delete)
- Feeds are saved via RMS on exit

- Based on an old program i once made
- Used to maintane a scoreboard list
- can add/remove players
- can change scores with keys 7,9
- can change player names on selection
- has keys help screen.

- A simple dice tool
- can choose one or two dices
- can choose dices type

- Added ***Alarm tool***, thanks to IceM@N(adark3).
- can choose alarm sound
- can use vibration
- when sound path is empty, uses the Alarm.mp3 that
inside XploreME’s Jar.

- Changed user interface
- Added: Can choose “Records path” from browesr.

- Added “Save lap time”.
- keys changed.
- Added keys help screen.



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