Factors to buy sony ericsson C702

There are quite a number of reasons to buy the Sony Ericsson C702 handset and if you are going to make a list then it will become extra ordinarily long. In a nutshell you can say that this phone comes with the features which are simply unique and are capable of impressing the mobile users from all ages and status.

First of all the look of the phone is quite elegant. The color cool cyan and stylish black look great and the dimensions 106.0 x 48.0 x 16.0 mm are quite interesting. The splash and dust resistant casing of the Sony Ericsson C702 phone makes it easy to handle. The weight of the phone is as low as 105 GMs.

There is a camera included in its features. This is a 3.15 mega pixel camera that is capable of taking good quality snaps. You can auto focus on the objects before taking the shots and use the flash mode in the background light is not sufficient.

Use the video recorder to take the moving clips of various interesting moments. Share them with the friends by publishing on your personal blogging site that comes with the phone.

The Media player will play the songs which are in formats like MPEG4, MP3 and AAC. The track id application will allow you to know all possible information about the tracks you listen to. The RDS technology enabled radio is an interesting tool to entertain you.

You get a number of polyphonic ring tones and some interesting wallpapers with this phone. There are many people who prefer to get some additional utility features like the GPS system that is available in this handset. This one comes with the detailed Google maps which will show you the right location accurately.

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