New mobile broadband package by Virgin Media

In a final push to get more users online Virgin Media has become the final mobile provider of the six biggest operators in the UK to launch its own mobile broadband package.

After recent news that more than twelve IT and mobile companies had teamed up in an attempt to promote mobile broadband by releasing an “out of the box” laptop device that would allow user to connect straight away, Virgin has now launch its own service that will cost users £15 per month.

The broadband mark that can be issued to any device that can access the mobile broadband network as soon as the user buys it has been created by the combination of the mobile industry trade group GSM Association and big company names like Microsoft, Dell, Toshiba, Ericsson, Vodafone, and T-Mobile.

With the backing of a $1bn (£562m) advertising budget worldwide the first of these mobile broadband ready notebook computers will be available in 91 countries globally and will allow users to turn on their systems and access the web straight from the box.
The rising interest in WiMax, which is a technology that directly rivals mobile broadband, is the reason for this bold move in the mobile broadband world and while WiMax isn’t a popular option in Europe there are a number of major cities in the US that are currently rolling this service out.

Another concern for the mobile broadband providers is that WiMax may be competing directly with LTE, the next generation of mobile broadband technology. A WiMax venture released earlier this year by Sprint, the US mobile phone company and Clearwire, a rival communications company has had heavy investments of $500m from Google. Another of Google’s slightly smaller wireless broadband services has been created by Google and is named wifi and is available in its home town of Mountain View in California for free.

Mobile broadband users who use Virgin Media, which currently makes use of T-Mobiles mobile phone network for its services, will get 3GB worth of data downloads each month and a free USB modem that they can plug into a laptop as long as they sign up to an 18 month agreement charging £15 per month for its mobile broadband access. There have recently been concerns raised that with the sudden surge in interest in mobile broadband access that many mobile networks will become seriously congested as more and more customers use the network for large amounts of data downloads or lengthy access to the internet.

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