Sony Ericsson W760i mobile Review

THE GOOD: Looks good with a sturdy feel and easy to navigate through MP3 music tracks.

THE BAD: Screen too small, bulky feel and small memory.

The Sony Ericsson W760i is another solid Walkman phone from the manufacturer that is well known for its music handsets. This is just one of many high-end handsets currently being released, which may explain why the panel is under-whelmed by the W760i. The device has a 3.2-megapixel camera, which is up from the two megapixels offered by its predecessor, the W580i. However, other than the camera, there are few stand-out features. The Phones 4u salesman says: ‘I’m a little unimpressed if I’m honest. It is essentially a W580i with a better camera.’ The T-Mobile salesman says: ‘It is just a standard Sony Ericsson music phone.’

The O2 saleswoman is the least enthusiastic: ‘I wouldn’t say it’s better than any of the Sony Ericssons on offer and it’s not selling; people are just going for the W980.’ However, Sutton springs to the handset’s defence. He says: ‘It is the only manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range; there’s something for everyone. A lot of Sony Ericsson handsets aren’t very innovative but the W760i is another phone that works well.’ The O2 saleswoman believes that the improved 3.2-megapixel camera is the handset’s only selling point. She says: ‘It’s the only reason it is any good.’ Sutton thinks that the motion-sensitive feature is also a selling point, as it allows the user to control volume and change track by moving the phone.

He says: ‘Motion sensitivity is a gimmick, but before cameras were added to mobiles we didn’t know if that would take off either.’ Opinion is split on the appearance of the W760i. The T-Mobile salesman says: ‘It would be better if it was less plastic and a little thinner.’ The O2 saleswoman agrees: ‘It is far too bulky and a bit of a man’s phone.’ But Sutton disagrees: ‘I don’t think it’s too big, and it will appeal to both men and women.’ The O2 saleswoman claims that she had performance issues with the device: ‘We’ve had a couple returned.’ Overall, with the exception of Sutton, the panel is not won over by the W760i. The Phones 4u salesman says: ‘It’s nothing special but we’ve had no complaints,’ and the O2 saleswoman calls it ‘very plain’. The T-Mobile salesman says: ‘It’s OK,’ and Sutton says: ‘It’s a good budget phone.


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