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MultiReader is a mobile application designed specifically for google android phone but MultiReader is still is in its development phase and the complete version of MultiReader will be shortly available as said by the developer of the application. MultiReader is used to read .doc, pdf and many more file types on your android. Actually it is one of the drawbacks of G phone that is cannot read pdf files, but thanks to the open source application MultiReader G1 application enables the users to get over this hurdle smoothly.

Features of MultiReader:
1. You can use MultiReader to read e-books.
2. MultiReader can also be used for preparing presentations and other business meetings required documents.
3. MultiReader will shortly have the text to speech function with which the usability of MultiReader will be greatly increased.
4. You can listen to the text on the go when you are running out of time or you are in a rush to reach somewhere.

Download MultiReader

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