HTC S740 Mobile Phone Review

The HTC S740 has managed to take communication a step ahead and increased the vast types of communication features you can find on a mobile phone. With its efficient messaging techniques it allows you to write texts, emails, documents and instant messages at ease widening the choice of communication. Rated as one of he best business and social communicator, it is loaded with vast features that make it a reliable mobile device, be it communication or in business ventures. The S740 is characterized sliding QWERTY keyboard which has helped in making typing easier for the user and further improving communication capabilities of the device Underneath the radical exterior of the S740 is a conventional non-touch screen device with a 2.4 inch QVGA screen, 3.2 mega pixel fixed focus camera, video calling, quad-band GSM, GPRS and EDGE data, GPRS and EDGE are efficient applications in connectivity together with Wi-fi ,Bluetooth and USB which are equipped in the smart phone. UMTS and HSDPA support in the 900 and 2100 MHz bands, these allows fast downloading and uploading of files on to the mobile through the internet, and Wi-Fi. , Internal memory consists of 256MB of Flash and a useful 256MB RAM. MicroSD expandable memory is also featured on the device. This allows user to store all the various files onto the mobile device including documents and music files.

Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard is the operating system that is responsible for the running of the built-in GPS namely the A-GPS and an FM radio. The S740’s processor is a Qualcomm MSM7225 running at 528MHz which should be broadly similar to the speed of the CPU in the Touch Diamond. Lastly the mobile device is generally user friendly and does not set boundaries in terms of place of work. It’s functional anywhere and everywhere making it a handy tool for the traveling business man. It is not restricted t business it accommodates all types of users in their various walks of life.

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