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A few weeks ago Gideon Multimedia launched a travel guide for mobile phones, called mobiEXPLORE UK. The idea is that it marries the portability of a guide book, but the always-on and always updated aspects of the web. With mobiEXPLORE UK on your phone you can have access to the most current information wherever you are and whenever you need it.

It’s easy to for users to download:

Go to on your computer and follow the three steps on the screen
Or go to on you mobile phone and click on the link – this will give you the option to download the application there and then without the need for a PC
There is also the option to download the application via an SMS request

And it’s proving to be very popular – in the first 3 weeks since launch, it had been downloaded over 70,000 times.

I asked the European MD of Gideon Multimedia, Vedran Prazen, a few questions about the service:

What cities does it cover?
MobiEXPLRE UK covers over 100 locations across the UK, including London, Manchester and Edinburgh, offering insight into points of interest, local history and facts about the area. For the most popular locations (for example, London and Manchester) you will find more in-depth information including an easy to navigate street map, tube map (for London), information on places of interest such as museums, nature, shopping and spas along with restaurant and accommodations listings.

Is it as detailed as a ‘Rough Guide’ for example?
MobiEXPLORE UK is a mobile application and as such the content has been tailored for mobile use – it would be a bad move to try and squeeze the content of a book onto your mobile phone! But because the application fuses offline and online content users can access restaurants listings offline – and still have the option of receiving up to the minute weather forecasts, news and special offers by going online – something a guidebook is unable to do.

Could my mum use it?
Sure – we designed the application with this audience in mind … if the typical, non-techy Mum can download and use the application with ease then we know we’ve done a good job.

What do you think is the future of mobile applications?
If we are talking features, then essentially the only limit is one’s imagination.

In terms of business models I think the future of mobile applications mirrors that adopted by mobiEXPLORE. Free to the end user but supported by targeted, non intrusive adds and additional services. The key to a successful application is making it useful and relevant – what does it offer and why should people want it? These are the boxes that need to be ticked and this is where I believe the future of mobile applications lies.

Have you got anything else in the pipeline?
Absolutely – the next step for us the ten other mobiEXPLORE projects in Europe along with several other mobile services that are in the very early stages of development…so we are certainly keeping busy!


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