Top Five Favorite iPhone Apps

Seattle - The best thing about the iPhone is the wide variety of free and inexpensive add-on applications available for download via the Apple Appstore.

Applications allow the iPhone to have uses beyond the traditional phone calls, SMS messaging, calendar, and notepad applications you expect to have on a mobile phone. Applications can increase your productivity on the go, but the most important function in our opinion is to add a dose of fun to your day. Therefore the applications in our list of favorite iPhone applications all all fun and interesting.

The first in our list is Around Me. This free little app lets checks your gps on the iPhone and gives you a list of all sorts of places that are nearby. You can look under categories such as banks, bar and restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, taxis, etc. For people who travel, this can be invaluable.

Second in the list is an application that may not increase your productivity but its wow factor is so impressive everyone should have it. It’s called Shazam and I do not know how they do it, but you can hold your iPhone up to any music playing and it will “name that tune” and tell you the artist and title. Its simply amazing. We held it up to mysterious Christmas carols playing in a store dressing room and it found the title and artists within a few seconds. You can assuage your curiosity and amaze your friends!

Third and fourth are really silly little applications that just add a bit of fun to your day. The Zippo Lighter is just what you need at your next rock concert. It makes your iPhone look like a Zippo lighter, of course. Perfect for acting like the old days when instead of holding up your cell at a rock concert we used to hold our lighters up. More Cowbell turns your iPhone into a cowbell. Yes, it’s useless but it is a great send up to the classic Saturday Night Live skit and frankly, I’ve got a fever and the only cure is more cowbell.

The fifth application we love is Super Monkey Ball. At $9.99 it’s the only one on the list that is not free. However, Sega’s extremely popular game is the perfect use for the level feature on the iPhone. It allows you to roll the monkey (in a hamster ball) around with an intuitive feel. This game is addictive and might cause you to waste time but it’s quite fun.


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