Download MobyToday free mobile phone organiser

MobyToday is an organiser and today screen which helps you keep track of your upcoming appointments and tasks.

Main features:

* Today-Screen showing your upcoming appointments and tasks. Specially designed to work as a stand-by application on Sony Ericsson phones (but also works on most newer phones of any brand)
* Integrated with the phone’s calendar/organiser. Any event or task added to the phone’s calendar will automatically show up in MobyToday.
* Customise the look and feel of MobyToday to make it look exactly how you want it. Make MobyToday seamlessly integrate with the theme/skin of your phone. Add your own background pictures to MobyToday.
* View or Delete appointments or tasks from within MobyToday.
* Mark tasks as completed when you have have completed them.
* Quick glance of the week ahead through the Week Ahead function.
* Extremely customisable and flexible. Almost every component of MobyToday can be customised according to your own personal preferences.
* Very small memory foot-print. Does not affect other applications and has virtually no effect on battery consumption.

Supports most modern mobile phones but specially designed to work as a stand-by application on Sony Ericsson phones.

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