Nokia Mail on OVI - an inbox for everyone

Mail on Ovi is an easy-to-use email address designed for access from your Nokia device and can also be accessed from compatible desktop browsers. Your Ovi identity is your passport to using Email and other fun Ovi Services.

With Mail on Ovi you get:

  • Your personal email address
  • Easy mobile email access while on-the-move
  • Intuitive web based interface when using a computer
  • Lots of storage (1GB)
  • Full featured spam and virus protection
  • Mail on Ovi is free wireless data plan from wireless carrier is required for mobile use.

Mail on Ovi doesn’t require a download. It works out of the box for a wide range of Nokia devices (see Compatibility). Simply go to your Messaging folder and sign-up for a new email address.

Get the email address you want now directly on your phone!


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