Sonim XP3 - the toughest mobile phone in the world

In 2008, a mobile phone set a new benchmark for toughness, being rugged, hard-wearing and virtually indestructible. It was the JCB Tough Phone, and it was incredible. But now its successor, the Sonim XP3, has blown that benchmark wide open. Let's look at this ultimate hardcase.

Sonim XP3 - Surpassing the JCB Phone

Everyone's reaction was broadly similar, when the JCB Tough Phone was unleashed on the world in the early days of 2008. Essentially, no-one could believe they were seeing a phone that could withstand being dropped from a great height, that could shrug off being run over by a tractor or put in a cement mixer. The level of toughness was unprecedented, and people just seemed to fall in love with it. It was hard to believe that any other mobile phone could match it, but unbelievably, the new Sonim XP3 is even tougher. Not only that, but it takes the rugged body it inherited from its bright yellow predecessor, and makes it completely waterproof, making it one of the only mobile phones in existence that you can safely use underwater.
The secret of the immense durability displayed by the Sonim XP3 lies in two areas: the first is its IP-rating, a measure of how resistant to dust and fluids and shock it is. The Sonim XP3 comes in at a rating of IP-57. The first digit (measured out of 6) is a measure of how resistant to solid particles getting inside it is, with a 5 meaning the Sonim XP3 is resistant against all but the tiniest dust particles, and even they won't leave a harmful deposit. The second (measured out of 8) is a measure of how resistant it is to liquid entering the phone, with a 7 meaning it's waterproof down to a depth of 1m for up to 30 minutes.

Essentially, the only thing as well-equipped as the Sonim XP3 would be an armour-plated submarine, and the fact that the Sonim XP3 is rated to military specifications against shock and so on, that comparison's not entirely frivolous. It really is true that mobile phones don't come any tougher than this!

Sonim XP3 - Tougher than the JCB phone, and cleverer, too

And then, on top of the immense strength and durability of the Sonim XP3, it also manages to include a very cool feature that its predecessor lacked: full internet access. You will find many places round the internet telling you that the Sonim Xp3 can't surf the web, but the simple fact is, that's wrong. If you take a look at the spec sheet and manual for the Sonim XP3, you'll see it includes Opera Mini, a Java-based web browser that does give full internet access. Imagine that with a data package on, for example, O2, and you get the first mobile phone that could safely let you view the internet underwater. Ok, it may not be as sexy or as feature packed as something like the Nokia 5800, but could that phone let you look at the internet, say when you're in the bath (why you'd want to look at the internet in the bath is another matter)? The Sonim XP3 can, and it's because of unique features, like that, that it's going to be huge.

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Author: Matt Sharp

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