Apple appstore now has 25000 plus apps

Apple's mobile application store for the Apple iPhone 3G and iPod touch has reached critical mass, now offering access to more than 25,000 free and paid applications.

According to mobile analytics firm Mobclix, Apple's AppStore offered 27,131 mobile applications as of Monday morning, a sign that the AppStore is growing at a rapid clip. In December, the AppStore surpassed 10,000 available applications and had reached more than 300 million applications downloaded less than five months after it launched,

The number of applications puts the AppStore above and beyond the competition. The closest second is Microsoft's Windows Mobile, which analysts have estimated boasts about 20,000 applications available for download.

According to Mobclix, 77.3 percent of AppStore applications are paid -- the remainder are free applications.

Not surprising, mobile games make up the bulk of available applications from Apple. Games represent 23.1 percent or 6,276 titles available. Among the top remaining applications are a mix of entertainment applications, 13.6 percent; books, 9 percent; utilities, 8.5 percent, and education applications, 7 percent. News, weather and medical applications are the least popular, making up roughly 1 percent or less of applications available.



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