Best Mobile Browser Opera Mini with 25 million downloads

Opera Mini is undoubtedly the best mobile browser available. According to GetJar mobile store, Opera Mini has been downloaded 25 million times already and still increasing.

Using Opera Mini on the mobile helps in increasing the browsing speed since it works on server side compression. Opera Mini is most used in the phones which has low bandwidth web access. Its not only available to high end phones but also available to low end phones. The beauty of Opera Mini is Speed and availbility of browser to variety of platforms like Java, Blackberry, Android, Windows mobile etc.

Even though Mozilla and Skyfire are giving tough competition to Opera Mini, Opera Mini still placed far away from these competitors.

Rolf Assev, Operas chief strategy officer said "The fact that Opera Mini is the most downloaded app on a big app store like GetJar makes us proud because it proves that our vision of providing a browser that works on almost all phones will give millions a better way to access the Web".

Download Opera Mini and try if you are not used it, you will definitely like it.

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