Share and download new content from mobile phone using PeerBox

It is a user-generated content, social networking and peer-to-peer file sharing service for your mobile phone.With PeerBox, you can share your videos and pictures with the world right from your mobile phone. You can also create your own picture profile, send messages to friends and watch their videos and pictures.

You can get a variety of options once login like Top Videos, Most Recent, My Stuff, Find People etc.

Most of the Nokia, Sony Ericson phones can download this software. To check whether this is supported to your mobile or not check the below image

Everyone likes torrent sites on the web as these are the best ways to share information among users. Now you can use Peer to Peer Sharing with Mobile Phones with PeerBox Mobile.

Some of the formats like mpg, mpeg, m1v, mpe, mpv2, avi, mp4, divx, wmv, 3gp, jpg, jpeg, gif or png files can be uploaded from the web site. Only 3GP, MP4, gif and jpg files can be uploaded from the Mobile Application. But you can download almost all types of files available.

Download PeerBox Application , share and download new content.

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