SPB's new Mobile TV to your Android Phones

SPB TV is a new IPTV solution, optimized to run on mobile Phones. SPB TV provides users with lots of channels in multiple languages and with very easy to use features.

Software Features:
  • On-Screen Control Panel
  • Integrated TV Guide
  • Easily make Calendar reminder, from the TV guide and now you cannot miss interesting and your favourite shows.
  • In the full screen watching mode you can see the battery level, estimated battery time by just tapping the screen.
  • You can also get Picture in Picture(PIP) display with this software.

Currently Android Platform supports this SPB TV. The following are the list of phones which support this IPTV software

HTC Hero
HTC Magic

Samsung I7500

T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

The software can be purchased from SPB TV for just 9.95$, one time payment. No Subscription fees. The following features makes you to purchase this software.
  • More than 100, subscription free, TV channels
  • A wide selection of public TV channels
  • Channels from more than 17 countries
  • Full Screen TV Player with Picture-in-Picture Mode
  • Fast channels launch and switching
  • Finger-friendly onscreen controls for one-handed navigation
  • Clever integration of mobile TV functionality with other mobile phone features

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