Download Fake Caller Free iphone App

Have you ever want to getout of bored class or meeting or date? And have you thought that if someone calls you at that time to get out of the bored situation that will be great, then this Fake caller App is for you. With this app, you can make a call to yourself.

Features of this app:
  • You can call with your own name or choose from a contact list
  • Choose caller image from photo album
  • Time based call back
  • Delay based call back
  • Quick save one touch call back(5,10,20 and 45 secs)
  • Saves caller name and caller image for quick startup everytime
How to use Fake Caller?
  1. Select a fake caller from address book
  2. Select a wallpaper,ringtone and delay time
  3. Tap Fake it or tap one of the quick save buttons
  4. Fake caller will ring it at exact time
  5. Tap decline fake caller will go back and calls after time expires or Tap Accept, fake caller will exit


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