Download Black Ra1n RC2 Update for Jailbreaking iphone

Geohot who released BlackRa1n, jail break for iphone 3GS has now come up with fixes in the version. He wrote on twitter, that BlackRa1n RC2 is available for download in his blog.

The following are the fixes he made in RC2 version

Fixed 3G issues
Fixed Icy issues
Tethered jailbreak for 3.1 OOTB ipt 8GB and new 3GSes
Both Windows and Mac
If you used RC1 with success, no need to rerun

Download BlackRa1n RC2 Update

Agile Messenger now available for Android as well

The popular Agile Messenger which is already working in symbian ,iphone and windows mobile is now available for Android Platform as well.With Agile messenger you can chat with your friends across multiple Instant Messaging networks.

Agile Messenger is the most feature rich and user friendly all-in-one mobile IM client, enabling you to send instant text, photo, voice and video messages to your MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ & GoogleTalk contacts, directly from your mobile.

Visit for more information and downloading.

Download Mobiledit to Control your Phone from PC

With Mobiledit you can control the phone from your PC. First you need to connec the phone via cable or Bluetooth to PC. After successful connection you can view the contents of the phone on the PC, do full-text searches, dial numbers, send SMS or MMS messages. You can also backup all your data, copy them to different mobile phones and edit your contacts list everything from PC. When you get SMS, it will be shown similar to a new email and you can reply from PC without even touching your phone.

It supports almost all the Phone Models. Here are the list of new phones it support:
  • LG Incite, GM730,
  • Motorola MC70, MC9090-G, Motorola C390
  • Nokia N79, 7210 Supernova, 7100 Supernova, 5130 XpressMusic,
  • Samsung GT-M8910, GT-C6625, GT-C5510,
  • Sharp GX33, GX40,
  • Sony Ericsson W995i, W902i, G700
  • Samsung GT-C6620
  • Samsung GT-M2510
  • Samsung GT-M8910
  • Samsung M7600
  • Samsung S8000
  • Google Android
  • Almost all popular mobiles. Check Here for the List of Supported devices.


Google Andriod is the saving grace for Japanese Mobile Makers

Japanese Mobile makers getting losses in the mobile industry.Japan is known for its heavy features,3.5G-4G phones which are very expensive. They cannot sell the mobiles outside Japan due to high prices and increasing yen rate. And domestic market is also not impressive.

Now most of the Japanese mobile manufacturers thinking of Android since its open source system and also their production costs will become low. It will be easier and cheaper to make a phone run on Android compared to a proprietary operating system. Though there are many other open-source operating systems, like Symbian, Google’s brand name making Android more competent than others.

"We think Android is good for the device manufacturers because it gives them a way out," says Tom Moss who runs the business side of Android for Google.

Docomo plays the main role in deciding specs of the phone companies like sharp, Panasonic and Fujitsu since most mobile users use this telecom services. Though other asian companies like HTC and Samsung already released their Android based phones, upto now no Japanese manufacturer has announced Android based devices.

Most of them are studying and experimenting the feasibility of Android Platform. Soon we can expect some top companies announcing Android Phones in Japan.

Download Mobile Media Center for you phone

Windows Media Center is popularly used in Home computers. Now almost same app can be used in Mobiles. It is the Mobile Media Center which allows you to do anything in music or videos. You will be having a good amount of time by updating news with RSS, playing music or video etc using windows mobile center.

Withe Mobile Media Center, you can
  • Listen to Songs
  • Watch pictures, photos
  • Play videos
  • Up to date from RSS feeds/podcasts/vodcasts.

Get the Official Documents on your mobile phones from Government

Software developed by European researchers allows citizens and local governments to exchange official documents over mobile phones. The software could help usher in the era of mobile government services and put an end to the tedium of queuing to collect official documents.

With the increased flow of workers and trade across the EU's Member States, collecting the necessary documents to meet government requirements has become part of the rite of passage for many citizens.

Registered post is often the only means of securely sending documents between local, regional and national governmental bodies in different countries. It is expensive and time consuming. Often, citizens have to line up for hours at local offices just to collect the required forms, then line up again to submit them, and wait for the process to be completed.

The EU-funded SWEB project set out to ease the pain by creating secure, interoperable and affordable software for supplying cross-border government services over a mobile device. The software is especially useful for countries without an extensive fixed line infrastructure - such as those in the Western Balkans.

"We have developed the software required for securely exchanging public administration documents between different countries using mobile devices," says SWEB project coordinator Petra Hoepner, an R&D manager at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems.

During the project, SWEB's researchers demonstrated that Western Balkan countries could use the software to improve their public services as part of their efforts to become EU members. These states are particularly open to such services as the penetration rates for mobile phones in the region are more than double that of fixed lines.

"With this software, regional public administrations could skip the step of electronic government and enter directly into the provision of mobile government services," says Hoepner.

The prototype software created by SWEB essentially turns a smart phone or other mobile device with computing power into a means of securely transmitting official documents containing private information.

The application can send lightweight documents quickly when in range of mobile networks because no permanent connection is needed. In this way, the user pays the least possible connection charge, an important consideration for mobile service users especially in Europe's poorer regions.

Testing the software:

The software was installed and tested at municipal governments in Siena, Italy; Tirana, Albania; Skopje, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; and Backi Petrovac and the Municipality of Stari Grad, Serbia.

The team used a pilot infrastructure made up of servers hosting the SWEB software and services in each municipality, one or more workstations hosting the client application used by the civil servants, and mobile devices or smart phones loaded with the mobile application for the test users.

Authentication was provided through a security token, a digital means of communicating a user's identity. Other security services time stamp documents.

Over a three-month period about 160 citizens participated in testing the SWEB software using their mobile devices. The test users were able to access two services. One was a residence certification service. This was set up by the project as an example of a secure municipal document exchange service. Using the service, public organisations and citizens could securely exchange digital documents relating to their proof of residence.

The second test service demonstrated the software could issue electronic or mobile invoices. Electronic invoicing is playing an increasingly crucial role in the value-added tax (VAT) procedures in EU Member States. The SWEB system demonstrated it could provide a mobile way for small businesses to issue invoices to the public administration, Hoepner says.

At the end of the trial, SWEB surveyed the test users. The feedback indicated that they wanted mobile government services so as to reduce time-consuming administrative procedures, Hoepner says.

However, the trials also revealed concerns from users over the lack of a legislative and regulatory framework throughout the EU that would allow governments to provide such services. The wider availability of fast connection speeds and high-end mobile devices are also needed to make the SWEB services work smoothly.

Enabling governments to deliver electronic documents:

The software was designed to operate on existing public administrative networks and according to global standards for mobile web services. The software is open source, allowing it to be used freely by anyone who wants to adapt it for their specific needs.

Hoepner says the SWEB system is now available to other municipalities who want to use it for transmitting documents to citizens and businesses. SWEB could help enable governments to improve their administrative processes and their ability to respond to requests for documents across borders.

And in the Western Balkans, where local governments are attempting to modernise their administrative processes to accommodate the changes required to become members of the EU, the software could provide a means of helping them leapfrog into providing better services.

For example, an Albanian citizen living in Berlin, Germany would be able to use the SWEB software to request a residence certificate electronically from his home town in Tirana. The Albanian would access SWEB at the Berlin municipal office via his mobile device, fill out an electronic request form, authenticate the request and then submit it.

The Berlin municipality would then forward the request electronically to the Albanian municipality. The required certificate would be signed by an administrator in Tirana and returned to Berlin. The citizen would receive a notification and then download the document to his mobile device.

The SWEB consortium is made up of twelve project partners, of which four are based in EU Member States (Greece, Italy and Germany), and eight in three Western Balkan countries (Serbia, Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).

SWEB received funding from the ICT strand of the EU's Sixth Framework Programme for research. The SWEB platform version 2.0 is publicly available from the BerliOS Open Source Repository.


Download Facebook 1.7 for BlackBerry Phones

Now you can enjoy most of your favourite features of Facebook on Blackberry Phones with new version Facebook 1.7.Post, poke and stay connected with your friends, relatives from almost anywhere you go.

  • Update or view your status
  • Receive instant notifications
  • Post and tag photos
  • Sync your Facebook friends
  • Organize Facebook events
  • Application caching improvements
  • News Feed Support
  • A wireless data service plan from your wireless service provider
  • A Facebook® account. If you don't have one, set up a Facebook account now
  • A BlackBerry smartphone with 64 MB of memory
  • 882 KB of available smartphone memory
  • BlackBerry® Device Software Version 4.2 or late

Download Recycling App for iPhone

Never think that a material is waste, it can be used in one way or other. Everyone will be curious to know how can they get something from unused ones. iRecycle app on your iphone makes this job easy. With this beautiful app you can find recycling stores in United States. You can find places to sell your old cell phone, car batteries, anything you are bored with and get directions and find out what other things they accept.
  • Access to over 100,000 recycling and disposal locations for over 200 materials
  • Get directions to the nearest site from your current location
  • Use the auto-complete feature to find what you need to recycle to speed up your search
  • Check your search history to replay old search results
  • Find additional information for each location like hours of operation, other materials accepted etc.
  • Call locations directly from search results
Download iRecycle and recycle hundreds of useless products.

Free Entertainment App that can earn you money

Getjam is a free entertainment app that earns you cash for fun.

You can view funny vids, latest gossips, pics & breaking music samples etc. You can also earn £10 watching the latest cool vids, trailers & more from top brands. Swap 200 berries for £10 PayPal cash, mp3s or mobile goodies.

You can also get cash saving offers, links to cool mobile sites, free music & heaps more. Getjam will NEVER charge you, it just uses data over the mobile internet. Almost all models of Nokia and Sony ericsson support this app.

Nokia and Sony ericsson users can download app, have fun and earn money.

Download Ping App for iphone text messaging

Ping provides the simple text messaging between iphone users. Its basically an iphone to iphone messaging app with push notificaitons that looks like a normal SMS. Though many service providers provide free sms pack, the main advantage of Ping comes when sending international SMS to your friends.

Just need to create a username and start messaging. It also works on ipod Touch. With this app, you can send messages only between two iphones. If many of your friends uses other phones, then this app is not worth since it costs you 99 cents for downloading.

Almost 40 million users use iphone and ipod touch, If you wanna give a try download the app from itunes store Here.

Sony ericsson Satio puts mobile entertainment in your hand

Sony Ericsson today announced Satio which provides you access to all your media in one place – just tap directly into your favourite features with the five standby panels and you’re ready to go. First introduced in Barcelona as the ‘Idou’, Satio puts the future of mobile entertainment in the palm of your hand. You can watch your favourite movies on the bus or catch up with your TV shows while on your lunch break thanks to Satio.

“With Satio you can enjoy any form of entertainment anytime, anywhere. Whether its music or movies you will never be more than a tap away from your favourite tracks or shows,” said Fredrik Mansson, Market Business Manager at Sony Ericsson. “Just tap directly into your favourite videos and music with the unique full touch media menu, standby panels and music player. Snapping perfect pictures also just got so simple thanks to the 12.1 megapixel camera, intuitive touch focus and Xenon flash. Share them with your nearest and dearest via your social networking site, produce huge prints and you can even comment directly on your images.”

Download exciting music, movies and games from PlayNow™ arena to personalise your entertainment experience on Satio and enjoy them in crystal clear 16:9 widescreen format. PlayNow™ arena provides a full range of mobile entertainment available by dual download to both your PC and mobile phone with specially developed ring tones and music tones and DRM-free music tracks and TrackID™ charts from around the world.

Visual communication like never before in Satio
  • True 16:9, 3.5 inch widescreen – feast your eyes on movies
  • Express yourself through images – 12.1 megapixel camera, intuitive touch focus, Xenon flash and face and smile detection
  • Web albums with messages – talk through pictures and share your experiences
  • Intuitive full touch media menu – tap directly into your favourites, from web pages to pictures and media files
  • Symbian Foundation operating system – thousands of applications available online
  • Music player – play your tunes loud and proud
To make your listening experience even better team Satio with the smallest headset on the market, the Wireless Stereo Headphones HBH-IS800 to listen in crystal clear sound. Alternatively, maximise your mobile video experience with the Video Viewing Stand IM920.
Satio supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 and UMTS/HSDPA 850/900/2100. Satio will be available in selected markets from early Q4 in the colours; Black, Silver and Bordeaux.

The handset is based on Symbian S60 5th edition OS and you might be interested in knowing that Vodafone offers the phone for free, with a £35 or £40 per month contract, lasting for 24 months. £515 is the cameraphone’s price, in the SIM-free version.


Download app for Blackberry Phones released its free app for Blackberry phones. Its almost similar to the iphone version. The following are the some of the features of the app:
  • Complete dictionary
  • Get Thesaurus, synonyms etc
  • word a day service
  • email text definition from the app itself
  • Recent search terms
Compatibility: BlackBerry Bold, Tour, Curve, 8800 series, Pearl and other blackberry phones.

Download Free app for Blackberry

Nokia N900 unboxing Video

The Nokia N900 is currently available to preorder in the US and UK.In US it comes for 650$ while in UK it comes for around 550 euros. Check out the unboxing video of Nokia N900 done by slashgear.

via slashgear

Jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch with Pwnage Tool

Dev Team released the latest version of PwnageTool 3.1.4 for Mac OS X which also supports the 3.1.2 release of the iPhone software for iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and iPod Touch 1G/2G.

This release allows your baseband to remain unlocked at 3.1.2, but it does not unlock a new baseband put there by restoring to official 3.1.x. It is super important that people who need the unlock to understand they can keep it only by starting at 3.0 (or earlier) and updating solely to custom IPSWs that don’t update the baseband.

PwnageTool WILL work for Original iPhone (1st Generation), the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G(S) and the iPod touch (1st Generation and 2nd Generation) but NOT the iPod touch 3rd generation.

If you are using a iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G(S) with ultrasn0w and rely on ultrasn0w to obtain cellular service then you should only update your device with an .ipsw that is made with the new PwnageTool. There are no second chances with this. You need to remember that PwnageTool will provide an upgrade path to newer versions of the iPhone software in the future.

Download PwnageTool from Dev Team Blog

Download Free Autopilot iphone App for Travellers

With USA TODAY Autopilot iphone app, now travellers has convineince to roam anywhere across the world easily. It provides certain tools which make their traveling better and easy. Moreover, Its completely free of cost. The following are the important features of this app:
  • Tracks Flight timings
  • Real time update depending on your location
  • Tracks 100,000 daily flight status
  • Provides information about hotels, car rentals etc
  • Provides 5 days forcast weather conditions
Download Autopilot iPhone App

Windows mobile 7 and Office Mobile 7 in next year?

Recently Microsoft has disclosed about their new products in a presentation held in New york. The interest to the mobile users comes from Windows Mobile 7 and Office Mobile 7. In second half of next year, the new opoerating system windows Mobile 7 may come to devices. In addition to the OS, they disclosed Office Mobile 7 which have features like editing files directly from mobile phone, copy paste between applications and lots more.

Windows Mobile 6.5 is already in the top mobile phones including HTC HD2, Samsung Omnia. Now with Windows 7 in 2010, Microsoft are sure to increase their share in mobile operating system.

Download Blackra1n Jail Break for iPhone OS 3.1.2

George Hotz released Blackra1n, a jail-breaking program to unlock the Apple iPhone 3GS handset.Blackra1n is a 30 second ALL device 3.1.2 jailbreak. Even the ipt3, but the ipt3 is tethered.

With out Jail Break, you cannot install applications from outside sources. You need to use only Apple approved apps and installed from iTunes App store.

The Apple iPhone OS 3.1.2 now has been jail-broken by George. George has tweeted that the Blackra1n downloads already crossed 250k downloads.

Pls Note that the Jail-breaking your iPhone handset may void the warranty.

Download Blackra1n Jail Break

Download Twice Mobile game for Symbian S60, Windows mobile Phones

Twice is a puzzle game for your mobile, which tests your memory at the same time having some fun. The rules are simple, you need to flip the tiles and remember them. When you flip two same tiles at a time, they will be removed from the screen and you get points. You need to clear all the tiles to advance to next level.
It has three game modes:
  • Race against time
  • Limited number of attempts
  • No limits at all
Its more than just a game. Its an excellent memory tuning tool.

Download Twice Mobile game for Symbian S60 phones


Armani Samsung Microsoft Phone Hands On

Checkout the 11 minutes video of hands on of Armani Samsung mobile phone

Download Photoshop App for iPhone, ipod Touch

Now iPhone users can edit Photos on their phone with Photoshop. On Friday, Abobe released the Photoshop app for iPhone and ipod touch. The App is free of cost. The following are some of the features of photoshop app on iphone.
  • Cropping.
  • Image Rotation.
  • Applying effects to pics.
  • Share the photos to friends.
  • Backup Photos Online(2GB Limit in
Adobe released Press Note stating that Mobile for iPhone provides a fun, seamless experience to view photos with full-screen previews and edit images with gesture-based editing. Consumers can transform their photos with essential edits like crop, rotate and flip. Users can correct and play with color by adjusting the saturation and tint, enhancing the exposure and vibrancy and converting images to black and white. Mobile for iPhone also offers eye-catching special effects. The Sketch tool helps photos look like drawings, and Soft Focus can give photos a subtle blur for artistic effect. With just one click, users can also apply dramatic changes to the look and feel of their photos with effects such as Warm Vintage, Vignette and Pop. Edits or changes can be undone or redone so users can experiment without the worry of losing the original photo.

Download Photoshop app for iphone from iTunes.

Download Pocket MBA App Free for iPhone

iPhone users who are aiming for MBA can now this great Pocket MBA iPhone App free of cost. Its actual price is 29.99 dollars but now its free for limited amount of time. So Pls hurry up and download the Pocket MBA App now.

The app designed for MBA aspirants has some basic knowledge text, flashcards, tests and lots more.

Download Pocket MBA App Free now

Download Twibble, Twitter client for any mobile phone

Twibble Mobile is one of the best twitter clients for all mobiles. Its basically a Java application. Since Java is enabled in all mobile handsets, it works in Nokia, Sony ericson, samsung, Android, iphone and everything else. It supports all important twitter functions, video, search, uploading of photos, GPS, and more.

Main Features of Twibble:

Tweets, replies and direct messages are displayed in separate views.
Fully integrated twitter search with automatic refresh of result list.
send videos and photos to Mobypicture or twitpic.
Geocode your photo or video with GPS coordinates.
Mark tweets as favorites.
Secured Transmission, Keyboard shortcuts and lots more.

Download Twibble for any mobile phone

Download WordPress for BlackBerry New Version.

Wordpress for BlackBerry is a mobile app that helps you to update your Wordpress blog from your BlackBerry phone. Today the app has been updated to version The new version has many features such as
  • Gravatar support.
  • Ability to open the URL of the author into the BB browser.
  • Moderate and respond all comments from your mobile phone.
  • The ability to open the comment list for a specific post.
  • Support for the post excerpt field.
  • Support for custom fields.
  • Added Italian and French support.
You can download the new version from Blackberry Wordpress install.


HTC HD2 Hands On Video

HTC HD2 looks like a very impressive phone. The big screen, excellent navigation with all the other great features makes it a great phone. Check out the HTC HD2 hands on video to know more about the phone.


Download Bolt Mobile Internet Browser 1.5

Bitstream recently came up with BOLT Mobile Internet Browser new version 1.5. The browser is pretty much impressive and it has certain features like capability to stream Youtube videos, less memory requirement etc which is attracting more mobile users. The free mobile browser set a new competition with opera mini and skywire. And the browser is compatible to all phones Nokia, Sony ericsson, Samsung, Windows mobile, Blackberry and other java enabled phones.

The following are the attractive features of the browser:
  • Low memory requirement
  • Good page quality
  • Low loading time
  • Cursor Interfacing
  • On browser playback of youtube videos

Download Blackberry Messenger 5.0 to share with Barcodes

On wednesday, RIM released a new version of BlackBerry Messenger(Version 5.0). With Blackberry Messenger, you can send photos, contact any other blackberry messenger user, send large files upto 6mb.

Now with this new version of blackberry messenger, you can share a pin or unique barcode to connect your friends anywhere and anytime to express yourself. One BlackBerry produces a bar code and the other snaps a photo that Messenger 5.0 can read and translate.

Stay in touch like never before with BlackBerry Messenger.

Download BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 now

Google Search Options live on Mobile

Now users who use Google Search on mobile phone can use Search Options as well. With the Google search options, you can filter the results to get more specific pages related to your search.

The results can be filterd by
  • Web, Forums, Reviews
  • Time, Past week, Past Month etc
  • Sorted by relevance
  • Images from webpage

Download TVU iPhone Apps that Surpassed 1 million downloads

TVU Networks which provides live Internet TV services has announced that it has surpassed one million downloads for TVUPlayer on the iPhone and the iPod touch.

iPhone users use this TVU Player App over wifi connections to watch 300+ live channels.

TVUPlayer for the iPhone holds 31st rank among top 100 entertainment apps.TVU added many new features for its iPhone app which made the app a hot selling cake.
Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks states, "To be ranked 31st in the top iPhone Entertainment apps - considering there are 93,000 apps available from 125,000 registered developers being sold in the iTunes App Store today - demonstrates the tremendous value users see in TVU. Our cross-platform live TV service gives viewers instant access to vast amounts of live TV from around the world anytime, anywhere."


Zenonia 2 Game Completed 200K Downloads in One Month

Korea's leading mobile game publisher Gamevil has recently announced that Zenonia 2 Game which has released just a month ago have been downloaded 200,000 times. Gamevil states that the game has topped all the main mobile operators in korea and the multiplayer game has already played more than 1 million times.

The game is sold for 4000 wons, approx equal to 3.3$ which means already this game has generated 660,000 USD only in South Korea. The game will be released elsewhere in the world and for iPhone next year.

Apple's iphone OS 3.1.2 Released

Apple's iphone os 3.1.2 is out today. The patch includes the following fixes
  • Resolves sporadic issue that may cause iPhone to not wake from sleep
  • Resolves intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart.
  • Fixes bug that could cause occasional crash during video streaming
Both iPhone 3G and 3GS users can Update to this version.

Open your iTunes and update the latest OS now.

iPhone Theme for Nokia 5800 xpress music and N97

Nokia users who are crazy for iphone look, can now download iphone theme for your mobile. Nokia N97 users can turn their mobile into iphone with this theme. This iPhone theme is also compatabile to Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic.

Click here to download iphone theme.

Palm Pre WebOS 1.2.1 releasing next week

Palm Pre WebOS 1.2.1 will be releasing next week and as expected, it will have lot of upgrades and bug fixes. Palm WebOS 1.2.1 has fixed the issues such as synchronization with the Photos app,iTunes media sync etc. It will also elminate the current lag and slowdowns with specific apps. Check out the video for more information about Palm Pre webos 1.2.1.

Share: app for your iphone is a multi-source online video news site that monitors, analyzes and presents the world’s news coverage. Through short video segments available on the web and mobile devices, accelerates the understanding of how a news story is being covered differently by media outlets from around the world.

The iPhone App is now available for downloads from the iTunes Store. With this app, you can view news story videos on a go from your iphone or ipod touch. President Jim Spencer explains, “More and more people are consuming their news on the go and in short snippets – our iPhone app is’s next step in delivering our content to the fast-growing mobile video market.”


Download Car Locator app for your iphone

Do you sometimes forget the car location where its parked and seeks someone help to get to your car? Now no need to seek someone help, because your iphone will help you out. iPhone cAR Locator is an iPhone 3GS app that shows you in viewfinder where your car is located and how far is it from your current location. Just click to save car location, when you get out of your car after parking, then you can go to any place and while returning back, you can use this beautifully designed app to locate your car.


Download Mobile Web Server for your Nokia Phones

Mobile Web Server can make you access your phone features and data via a browser. It makes your device easily accesible on the Internet. You can even start a personalised mobsite with this Mobile web server.

There are many extensions available for Mobile web server. Some of them are
  • Group Calendar Widget is a small widget that allows you to have a live access to your friends' device calendars.
  • With Mobile Site Widgets you can view the contents of your mobile phone and initiate certain operations like SMS sending or call initiation over a secure HTTPS channel.
  • With Facebook application,Live Status from my Nokia Phone you can choose to show your status, location, calendar availability and whether you are having a call or not at the moment.

Send Free SMS for all mobiles with TextSendr

You can send free sms with TextSendr. TextSendr is free text messaging service that allows you to send a free text message from your browser to most cell phones. All text messages sent on TextSendr are treated as if they came from a cell phone and is completely free of cost. No need to register also.

You can visit TextSendr to Send Free SMS. You can also add the widgets to facebook, myspace and your blog.


Labyrinth Lite Free Mobile Game for Nokia 5800, N97

This mobile game can be played in all touch phones. The objective of the game is Controlling the ball. You should control the steel ball in the labyrinth by tilting your device. In this version you can choose three worlds wooden, garden and caramel. Depending on the world you choose the difficulty level of game increases because bouncing of ball depends on the world chosen.
This is the free Lite version of Labyrinth Touch. More levels available in the Labyrinth Touch game.

Download Lybyrinth Touch Game

Download Icon Changer for Windows Mobile 6.5

Icon Changer helps you to change the icons of Start Menu in Windows Mobile 6.5. It helps you to change the look of your start menu. And with this Icon Changer, you can even able to make a theme file and Refresh Start menu.

This app was developed by JAYSON RAGASA, a full time application developer.Check out the video to know more about how Icon Changer works.

Download Icon Changer for Windows Mobile now.

Download Blackberry Desktop Software for Mac

BlackBerry Desktop Software helps you quickly and effortlessly sync your BlackBerry smartphone with your Mac computer, so you can do more of what you love on your BlackBerry smartphone.

  • iTunes Synchronization with Blackberry Media Sync.
  • Sync your contacts, calendar appointments, tasks and note.
  • Easily backup, restore, and add and remove applications.

Download Windows 7 mobile theme

Many are using Windows 7 beta on their desktops and laptops. Windows 7 will be releasing offcially next year. If you like the windows 7 theme, now you can apply the same to your Pocket PC.
Check out this video to get the look and feel about windows 7 theme

You need to follow these steps inorder to install Windows 7 Theme on your Pocket PC:

1) Install wad2 if not installed already.

2) Copy the zip folder or extracted folder into your memory card.

3) In your device browse the file win se7en portrait.Wadesktop and win se7en landscape.Wadesktop and click them it should self install.

4) Install the message2reg cab provided inside the folder into phone memory(internal memory).

5) Install the mortscript-4.2-ppc cab provided inside the folder into phone memory(internal memory).

6) Goto file browser and open "windows" folder and run mortscript from there.

7) Go to program/ message2reg and run sms referesh.Mscr which will create the registry som sms.

8) Copy the wmp control.Exe inside the wmp control in this folder to program file in internal/phone memory.

9) Run wad2 and go to settings and scan for new themes.

10) Select win se7en portrait as default portraiit theme and win se7en landscape as default landscape theme.

Download windows 7 mobile theme

Starbucks Apps for your iPhone

Starbucks is soon releasing their second app for iphone. With this app, iphone will act as money machine. You no need any credit card or money to pay your coffee bill at starbucks, just having iPhone app will get your job done.
Starbucks first app for iphonw is about store locator and menu information. Now their second iphone app will act like a starbucks gift card where customers can refill it using their credit card and then all you need to drink a coffee at stabucks is your iPhone. Customers can open the app while paying bill and show it to starbucks staff, they scan it and will automatically deducted from the starbucks gift card.

The app is currently in trail and available only in Seattle and bay area cities in california. Soon this app will be available to all customers.

Download Starbucks Apps for your iphone here.

Apple iphone 'Apps for Everything'

Your iphone is not just a normal phone but can be used more than that. Once you discover the App Store, you’ll see many applications that can make your iPhone do just about anything. There are thousands of iPhone apps to choose from. Already the iphone apps download reached 2 billion. Now Apple has introduced a new section for app lovers, "App for Everything".

They divided the apps into major catogories and listed separately.

The categories are:
  • apps for cooks
  • apps for the great outdoors
  • apps for work
  • apps for moms & dads
  • apps for going out
  • apps for traveling
  • apps for keeping current
  • apps for music
  • apps for students
  • apps for working out
  • apps for managing money
  • apps for fun & games
  • app staff picks
Check out more about each category at iPhone's Apps For Everything Page.

Download Resco Photo Viewer Free for Pocket PC

Resco Photo Viewer is one of the good photoviewers available today. You can download it for free since it is in Beta stage.

  • Viewing of Photos made easy with touch friendly.
  • Edit Mode in view.
  • View the GPS position from the picture in google maps or using your browser.
  • Add your actual GPS position to a picture.
  • Contrast and Gamma adjusment.
  • Adding Notes from a dialog.
  • Send Photo via SMS, MMS, E-mail.
  • Upload to Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, Twitter and other services.


Search by Voice using Google mobile Search App

Google is the No.1 website on internet. Those who browse internet regurarly will open Google related sites atleast once in the day. Thats the popularity of google.

Instead of using from your mobile, if you download Google Mobile App, you can get lot of additional features. One of the feature is Searching by voice. You can speak your queries instead of typing, this app automatically recognise the word you speak and provides the search results.

You can also seach for images, login to your gmail, orkut, youtube accounts using this app.

Andriod, Blackberry, Nokia S60, iphone, windows mobile Platform users can use Google Mobile Search App to make their search better.

Download Google Mobile Search App now.

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