Apple iphone 'Apps for Everything'

Your iphone is not just a normal phone but can be used more than that. Once you discover the App Store, you’ll see many applications that can make your iPhone do just about anything. There are thousands of iPhone apps to choose from. Already the iphone apps download reached 2 billion. Now Apple has introduced a new section for app lovers, "App for Everything".

They divided the apps into major catogories and listed separately.

The categories are:
  • apps for cooks
  • apps for the great outdoors
  • apps for work
  • apps for moms & dads
  • apps for going out
  • apps for traveling
  • apps for keeping current
  • apps for music
  • apps for students
  • apps for working out
  • apps for managing money
  • apps for fun & games
  • app staff picks
Check out more about each category at iPhone's Apps For Everything Page.

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