Download Recycling App for iPhone

Never think that a material is waste, it can be used in one way or other. Everyone will be curious to know how can they get something from unused ones. iRecycle app on your iphone makes this job easy. With this beautiful app you can find recycling stores in United States. You can find places to sell your old cell phone, car batteries, anything you are bored with and get directions and find out what other things they accept.
  • Access to over 100,000 recycling and disposal locations for over 200 materials
  • Get directions to the nearest site from your current location
  • Use the auto-complete feature to find what you need to recycle to speed up your search
  • Check your search history to replay old search results
  • Find additional information for each location like hours of operation, other materials accepted etc.
  • Call locations directly from search results
Download iRecycle and recycle hundreds of useless products.

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