Download Windows 7 mobile theme

Many are using Windows 7 beta on their desktops and laptops. Windows 7 will be releasing offcially next year. If you like the windows 7 theme, now you can apply the same to your Pocket PC.
Check out this video to get the look and feel about windows 7 theme

You need to follow these steps inorder to install Windows 7 Theme on your Pocket PC:

1) Install wad2 if not installed already.

2) Copy the zip folder or extracted folder into your memory card.

3) In your device browse the file win se7en portrait.Wadesktop and win se7en landscape.Wadesktop and click them it should self install.

4) Install the message2reg cab provided inside the folder into phone memory(internal memory).

5) Install the mortscript-4.2-ppc cab provided inside the folder into phone memory(internal memory).

6) Goto file browser and open "windows" folder and run mortscript from there.

7) Go to program/ message2reg and run sms referesh.Mscr which will create the registry som sms.

8) Copy the wmp control.Exe inside the wmp control in this folder to program file in internal/phone memory.

9) Run wad2 and go to settings and scan for new themes.

10) Select win se7en portrait as default portraiit theme and win se7en landscape as default landscape theme.

Download windows 7 mobile theme

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