Google Andriod is the saving grace for Japanese Mobile Makers

Japanese Mobile makers getting losses in the mobile industry.Japan is known for its heavy features,3.5G-4G phones which are very expensive. They cannot sell the mobiles outside Japan due to high prices and increasing yen rate. And domestic market is also not impressive.

Now most of the Japanese mobile manufacturers thinking of Android since its open source system and also their production costs will become low. It will be easier and cheaper to make a phone run on Android compared to a proprietary operating system. Though there are many other open-source operating systems, like Symbian, Google’s brand name making Android more competent than others.

"We think Android is good for the device manufacturers because it gives them a way out," says Tom Moss who runs the business side of Android for Google.

Docomo plays the main role in deciding specs of the phone companies like sharp, Panasonic and Fujitsu since most mobile users use this telecom services. Though other asian companies like HTC and Samsung already released their Android based phones, upto now no Japanese manufacturer has announced Android based devices.

Most of them are studying and experimenting the feasibility of Android Platform. Soon we can expect some top companies announcing Android Phones in Japan.

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