Starbucks Apps for your iPhone

Starbucks is soon releasing their second app for iphone. With this app, iphone will act as money machine. You no need any credit card or money to pay your coffee bill at starbucks, just having iPhone app will get your job done.
Starbucks first app for iphonw is about store locator and menu information. Now their second iphone app will act like a starbucks gift card where customers can refill it using their credit card and then all you need to drink a coffee at stabucks is your iPhone. Customers can open the app while paying bill and show it to starbucks staff, they scan it and will automatically deducted from the starbucks gift card.

The app is currently in trail and available only in Seattle and bay area cities in california. Soon this app will be available to all customers.

Download Starbucks Apps for your iphone here.

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