Download Seesmic app for Blackberry and Android Phones

Seesmic app is the best app currently available to use twitter on the mobile.Features of Seesmic:

Seesmic for BlackBerry and Android, groups all your Twitter timelines in one simple screen. Whether you want to scroll infinitely in your friends timeline or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one tap away in a beautiful interface.

We took our cues from the simple, clean-yet-powerful interface the native email application enjoys and developed a similar experience for your twitter stream. It will show more tweets on the screen then any other twitter application.

While it is running in the background, Seesmic will alert you to received Direct Messages and @Replies that require your attention. This is done using the familiar system-wide icon notification bar that alerts you to new mail, sms messages and voicemails.


Download Ultimate Ears for your iPhone

Want to get the best performance out of your Ultimate Ears earphones?Looking for a sound pressure (decibel) level meter? Want to go backstage and watch exclusive videos of your favorite musicians? Then this app is for you. 75% of worlds top professional artists use Ultimate ears for live performances.

  • SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL (SPL) METER — Find out how loud the music really is at the show
  • SOUND CHECK — Find out how to get the most out of your UE earphones.
  • WEARING UE — See the custom-made in-ear monitors of the people who are wearing
  • Ultimate Ears
  • BEHIND THE SCENES — Watch artists interviews, backstage footage, and photos from live shows
  • ARTISTS TO WATCH — Discover our favorite new bands

Download MultiFl0w multitasking app for iPhone

For all those iPhone users who are interested in multitasking here is the good news. iPhone users can now use multitasking on your phone with the new application MultiFl0w. This MultiFl0w app comes with a good UI and makes your apps run in the background.

MultiFl0w is only available for jailbroken iPhones. You can download MultiFl0w directly from Cydia and Rock.

Though its a paid version which costs you $4.99, you will get a 10 day trail. Try the MultiFl0w app for 10 days and if you like it you can purchase this fantastic multitasking app.

Though I uses Omnia HD, one of my friend who has iPhone said that MultiFl0w is worth an app which provides best multitasking experience on iPhone.

Download MultiFl0w directly from Cydia or here. Checkout the video to know more about this app.

Download Custom Theme Creator for Windows Mobile 6.5

Want to create your own custom themes for windows mobile 6.5, then this app is for you. The Custom Theme Creator works with Windows Mobile 6.5 touch-screen phones. Use your favorite photo or any other image, add colors and style, and then text the custom theme straight to your phone.

Make your Windows phone, an extension of your personal style by designing a custom look for it.

Download Custom Theme Creator

Download GSoundBox music app for Windows Mobile

GSoudBox is a new music app for windows mobile.Its the application for Windows Mobile phones with G-Sensor. It plays a wide variety of sounds. The sounds are triggered by shaking the phone using a variety of gestures.

Features :
  • Wide variety of instrument sounds
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the G-Sensor
  • Touch optimized interface
  • Animated graphics
  • and much more!
Compatibility: Windows Mobile 6.x (PocketPC) with G-Sensor
Screen resolution: VGA, WVGA
Language: English
Version: 1.0 BETA
Released: Nov 20, 09
Restriction: Free


Download F-Secure Mobile Security 5 for Nokia Phones

With F-Secure Mobile Security, you can get complete Security for Your Smartphone.
F-Secure Mobile Security 5 allows smartphone users to experience the full potential of their devices without the fear of mobile threats. If in any case your phone is lost, stolen, infected by mobile malware or even spied on, F-Secure® Mobile Security™ 5 helps to safeguard your personal and confidential data.

You can try F-Secure Mobile Security, 7 day free trial! If you like the application, you can purchase it after trying.


Download GoodGuide iPhone app to help in your shopping

Next time when you shop you no need to think of What products are the best, and what products you should avoid? A simple iPhone app,GoodGuide does the job for you.

GoodGuide provides the world's largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home.
With GoodGuide, you can
  • Find safe, healthy and green products that protect you and your family.
  • Search or browse over 70,000 food, toys, personal care, & household products.
  • Use expert advice and recommendations on products you buy.
  • Find better products and make purchasing decisions.

Download OVI Player for Nokia Phones

Nokia renamed its PC Client Nokia Music Player to Nokia Ovi Player. It seems Nokia wants the Ovi brand to reach wider audience. After Ovi Store, Ovi Player makes the brand more popular. The latest version will support Windows 7, changes filtering of songs with new options etc.

With Ovi Player, you can
  • Explore Nokia music store.
  • Take control of your music.
  • Transfer music to your mobile.
  • Get everyday a sound track.

Download Thumbtacts iPhone app

Thumbtacts allows you to search your contacts using one hand. To find a contact, touch an option (a letter or character string) to proceed to the next set of available matches.

English, French, German, Spanish Languages are supported.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch

Download app from iTunes.

Download Voice to Text Conversion app for your mobile phone

Are you tired of typing long emails and SMS from your mobile phone? Then this Jott application is for you. Jott is a free voice-to-text conversion app. So from now onwards instead of typing long mails, just start speaking and application will convert your voice into text then show up in your Jott notes. You can then use these Jott notes and forward the email.

Features include:

1. Voice-to-Text Notes
2. Hands-free Email & Text
3. Take notes, set reminders, and manage your lists
4. Post updates to web services
5. Group Messaging
6. Good recording screen

Download jott for iPhone

To download directly to your BlackBerry, visit on your BlackBerry web browser

Just type into your phone's browser and you'll have access to all of your Jott lists

Download Nokia Handwriting Calculator free

Nokia Handwriting Calculator is a showcase of Nokia ’s new handwriting recognition technology. It allows you to calculate handwritten math expressions. Check out the below screenshot.

Download Nokia Handwriting calculator app

Download Live picture sharing iPhone app Knocking

Share 100x the Photos of AT&T MMS, 20x the Photos of an iPhone E-Mail Instantly, Then Watch Friends Scroll and Save With the new revolutionary iphone app Knocking. You can share pictures like never before with friends using this app.

Knocking is an entirely new form of communication on the iPhone. With Knocking, someone is at the door of your mobile device. Let them in to connect in ways never before possible. Simply ‘knock’, then share moments live with friends or family.

It also eliminates the ‘upload, send, download’ process, establishing live, device-to-device connectivity regardless of proximity or other barriers.

How Knocking Works:
  • Open Knocking Live Pic Sharing
  • Set up account
  • Create an album
  • Knock a friend
  • Watch your friend control the album and save your photos

Nokia launches site

Nokia today announced the launch of its messaging site. This site captures everything related to Messaging – Email, IM, Social Networking and Ovi Mail across S60, S40, and Maemo. The following are some of the features of the site:
  • Stay connected to friends and family with easy access to all your email accounts-including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, and other popular POP/IMAP services.
  • Stay connected to friends and contacts with the Social Networking application from Nokia.
  • With a free Ovi Mail address, you'll have an email service that's designed for your Nokia phone-and also works on the web.
The site has helpful how-to videos and brings in content from user guides, the official Nokia support forums, BetaLabs and from blogs and Twitter.

Download Firefox for Maemo

The Mozilla mobile team has released Firefox for Maemo beta 5. This release is available for the Maemo OS2008 and Maemo 5 software platforms running on the Nokia N810 and N900 Internet Tablets.

  • Firefox official branding, with Firefox name and logo
  • Support for multiple locales, currently including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Russian
  • Flash sites such as YouTube now work
  • The viewport meta tag is now supported by Firefox on mobile sites using it
  • New form assistant to make filling in forms easier
  • Improved panning and zooming performance and behavior
  • Numerous other bugs and polish issues addressed
Visit on your Nokia N900 or download firefox for Maemo on desktop

Download Google Location History and Alerts for your mobile phone

Google announced two important features to Google Latitude which was released earlier in this year.
  • Google Location History
  • Google Location Alerts
With Google location history, you can keep track of places you visited in your last trip. Enable Google Location History to store, view, and manage your past Latitude locations. Also your history will not be visible publicly or to your Latitude friends. No need to worry about privacy.
With Google Location Alerts, Get alerted when your Latitude friends are nearby.
Alerts only triggered only when:
  • You or your friend are in an unusual place, filtering out routine alert cases at home or work.
  • You or your friend are at a routine place but at an unusual time.


Download Optical Reader for your Nokia mobile phone

UpCode includes an optical reader that uses mobile phones/devices to add any electronic information or system to printed products and to electronic information on screens. With the application it is possible to integrate all businesses and all forms of eCommerce, with print and screen media.
Download UpCode from Ovi Store

Google Maps Navigation in Motorola Droid


iPhone vs Android vs Droid Market Share

Thanks to which calculates the daily web browsing marketshare for mobile phones from all mobile traffic across the 150,000+ sites. Also it is updated for every 30 minutes.

These are the stats of today:

Web browser Marketshare (US)
iPhone 51.70%
Android 10.66%
Droid 2.28%
Everything else 37.64%

Web browser Marketshare (non-US)
iPhone 64.72%
Android 3.74%
Droid 0.02%
Everything else 31.54%

iPhone is dominated hugely all over the world, followed by Android. It is interesting to see Droid which released a week back in the list. Good going Droid !

Samsung new mobile Platform Bada and its Features

Samsung launches new mobile platform Bada. It is a new open platform that enables a richer user experience in applications on Samsung mobile devices. Bada means Ocean in Korea, which conveys limitless variety of potential applications.

More and more people want rich and connected application-experiences that are currently available only for smartphone consumers. Samsung has developed bada to make these exclusive smartphone experiences available to everyone.

Key features of bada:
  • A next generation UI framework.
  • It delivers simple, intuitive, and innovative user experiences through innovative visual design.
  • Integrated support for service-oriented features to enable the development of connected applications.
  • Developers can implement various apps in bada without the high learning curve required by previous platforms.
  • Extensible core functions include a dialer, messaging, and address book, which applications can freely use.
Visit Samsung Bada for more information.

Download Windows Live Messenger mobile App free

Welcome to Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail - helping you stay connected with the people who matter most. Data charges from your mobile operator, including roaming fees, may apply for using the Windows Live services.

  • Log in quickly and easily
  • Enjoy a similar IM experience you have at home or in the office
  • Use it in meetings, on the bus, in the library – when you can't (or don't want to) talk out loud
  • Keep all your contacts in one place so you can find them and add new ones easily
  • Know who's online, who's offline, and who's on mobile
  • Use emoticons like you do on your PC
Download Windows Messenger here for Nokia Phones

You can also enter your phone number HERE to get the windows Live app on your mobile.

Download Urbanspoon App to know the best place to Dine

When you can't decide where to eat, you can ask your mobile to do the job done. UrbanSpoon App chooses the best place to dine in your locality. Once you choose your locality, it will show best dining resturants and map directions from your current location. It shows almost all types of restaurants whether it may be seafood, barbeque or an icecream parlour. You can also search by price, it costs you in the restaurant. The app covers major restaurants in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. So now its easy to choose from your mobile the best restaurant to dine with your friend next time. Though iphone app is released long time back, they released blackberry app just few days back.

Download iphone app

Download blackberry app

For other users you can type into your phone's web browser to know about popular restaurants at your place.

Download Gizmo5, Skype competitor to your mobile phone

Take your buddies with you wherever you go, plus call & IM from your phone all with Gizmo5. You can save up to 98% on international calls from your mobile phone with the Gizmo5, a VOIP client and you can also send instant messages to your friends free of cost.

There was also a gossip that Google may acquire Gizmo5 for $30 million. If google acquires this, then it will definitely become a serious competitor to Skype.

  • Voice Calls:Call anyone in the world for free from your computer, save big on calls from your mobile phone.
  • Instant Message:Chat with friends on Gizmo5, MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and Jabber for free.
  • File Sharing:Easy sharing of photos, videos and files from your mobile phone or computer.
  • Two-way Text Messaging:Send SMS messages directly from your Gizmo5 account.
Visit from your mobile phone to download OR use the form to send an SMS message with a download link.

First iPhone Worm reported !

The first iPhone warm was reported in Australia which targets Jail broken phones. The worm is not that harmful, it just changes the background of your iphone to a photo of Rick Astley. But it then uses network to infect other phones.

This is only effected for those jail broken iPhone users who didnt change the default password from 'alpine' after installing SSH. If you have not jailbroken your iPhone and installed SSH, you are not affected.

Change the default password immediately if you havent changed yet and there are no worries about this worm.

Sophos lab is anaylsing this worm, they mentioned in the blog :

SophosLabs is analysing the worm's code, which suggests that at least four variants have been written so far. One of the attributes of the latest variant (labelled the "D" version) is that it tries to hide its presence by using a filepath suggestive of the Cydia application.

The source code is littered with comments from the author suggesting the worm has been written as an experiment. One of the comments berates affected users for not following instructions when installing SSH, because if they had changed the default password the worm would not have been able to infect them.

Download App for Automatic filtering of incoming SMS in Windows mobile

For all those who are looking for an App that can automatically filter incoming SMS to the respective folders in Pocket PC, here is the application. Thanks to MohitSapru who developed this app based on open source project MAPIDotNet. He tested it on HTC Touch windows 6.1 mobile. You can download the app and check in other windows mobiles.

  • Create rules for contact.
  • Create rules for Message.(manually give a filter to find in SMS body)
  • View Created rules

New release Update:
  1. Option to display contact by default, first or last name.
  2. Fixed listing of empty contacts
  3. Option to delete a rule
  4. Fixed some file issues
  5. Text will be displayed when rule gets added

Known Bugs:
  • Crash in ExistingRules tab when deleting without choosing values.

For those who have already installed previous version, you can copy Message.rule and contact.rule from directory(/Program Files/SMSRule) and replace it after installing new one, to save previously created rules.


Android vs iPhone vs Blackberry vs Symbian vs Windows Mobile

Choosing OS is one of the main consideration when buying a mobile phone. You may have 8 MP camera, AMOLED screen and best hardware but without proper OS, you wont get 100% from your phone. Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows mobile, Web OS, Symbian and many other Proprietary mobile platforms to choose from, when purchasing a mobile phone. Thanks to Gartner who estimated the share of each mobile OS in 2012. This stats by Gartner will probably help you to know about the OS users around in near future.

Though iPhone and Android users are increasing, still 1/3rd of the mobile phone users are using Symbian OS. There are already 1 million applications for iPhone. Andriod apps number is also increasing slowly. According to Gartner, in 2012 Android will become the 2nd most used mobile OS after Symbian. But this will not reduce the share of iPhone or blackberry, in fact Android's gain will be from Symbain's loss. Android will eat away a little share from Symbian. The following are the estimated shares in 2012:
  • Android - 14%
  • Apple iPhone - 13.7%
  • Windows Mobile - 12.8%
  • BlackBerry - 12.5%
  • Various Linux - 5.4%
  • webOS - 2.1%
  • Many mobile manufacturers are preferring Android OS currently. Internet Giant Google behind the OS is also one of the reason for its fast capturing of market share.
  • iPhone is faster with lots of apps making your phone a Universal System.
  • Blackberry OS speed is very impressive and its best for business people.
  • Windows mobile looks quite promising with new versions 6.5 released and 7 releasing in next year.
  • Symbian OS has its history and in fact its the oldest and most used OS till current date.
Mobile OS war between Android vs iPhone vs Blackberry vs Symbian vs Windows Mobile will make mobile users more advantageous with lots of new features in new models.

Sony ericsson Andriod X10 mobile phone launched

Sony Ericsson unvieled its new Android Xperia X10 mobile phone. This was the first phone from sony ericsson to run on Google's Android Platform.

The new Xperia X10 will have the following features
  • Qualcomm Inc’s Snapdragon processor
  • 4-inch-wide touch screen
  • 8.1 megapixel camera with Geo-Tagging, Smile detection and flash
  • High-speed web access
  • a Full Touch-screen interface
  • Google Maps
  • Social phone book
  • Supports GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS HSPA 900/1700/2100 and UMTS HSPA 800/850/1900/2100
  • Sensuous Black and Luster White handset colors

The handset will be available in Q1 2010.


Download Opera Mobile 10 beta for S60 phones

The long wait is over for the Symbian S60 users to download Opera 10 mobile browser and experience the same desktop features of Opera on their mobile on a go.

Now you can use Speed Dial, tabs, integrated search engine and much more in the new Opera 10 mobile browser. The user interface is also promising.

The latest Opera browser provides the best mobile browsing experience. Some of the key features are
  • Speed Dials
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Integrated Search engine
  • Improve speed on slower networks with Opera Turbo
  • To reduce downloaded data quantity on your mobile
If you have a Symbian S60 smartphone, then you can download Opera 10 directly on your phone from


Unlock Apple iPhone 3GS with BlackSn0w

Geohot who released BlackRa1n RC2 few days back for jailbreaking the iphone 3GS, has now come up with RC3 which also includes BlackSn0w for unlocking iPhone Baseband.

After installing Blackra1n latest version, you get option to install Cydia, Rock and Sn0w.Once you install, simply reboot the iphone and thats it your iphone is unlocked.

You can download BlackSn0w(included in latest version of BlackRa1n) from

For step by step procedures for unlocking iphone 3GS visit this site.

Download WHERE App for your mobile phone

WHERE is a cool GPS app all wrapped into one. With WHERE application you can put the people, places and things at your finger tips where ever you go. Are you looking for the hottest restaurants, Coffee shops, whether,latest news, reviews, cheapest stuff, traffic updates, movie show timings and lots more?? Then this WHERE is application is definetly worth for you to use. It also helps you to reach your destination with maps and direction.

WHERE makes you feel like a local, no matter what city you are in

WHERE is available for major carriers of US: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Virgin/Helio, Boost, and metroPCS.

Its also available for the following Platforms: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and the Palm Pre.
For Poeple using other phones you can use their mobile web version at


Download Pedometer for Samsung Phones which has accelerometers

Most of the high end phones of samsung like Omnia, Omnia HD has accelerometers. With this application it will use the accelerometer in your device and using some matematical algorithms it will calculate the number of steps you have walked, Jog or run. According to the number of steps, it also calculates the number of calories who have lost after your jogging or walking. This app also allows you to set some targets and maintain a dairy of your achievements each day.


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