Android vs iPhone vs Blackberry vs Symbian vs Windows Mobile

Choosing OS is one of the main consideration when buying a mobile phone. You may have 8 MP camera, AMOLED screen and best hardware but without proper OS, you wont get 100% from your phone. Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows mobile, Web OS, Symbian and many other Proprietary mobile platforms to choose from, when purchasing a mobile phone. Thanks to Gartner who estimated the share of each mobile OS in 2012. This stats by Gartner will probably help you to know about the OS users around in near future.

Though iPhone and Android users are increasing, still 1/3rd of the mobile phone users are using Symbian OS. There are already 1 million applications for iPhone. Andriod apps number is also increasing slowly. According to Gartner, in 2012 Android will become the 2nd most used mobile OS after Symbian. But this will not reduce the share of iPhone or blackberry, in fact Android's gain will be from Symbain's loss. Android will eat away a little share from Symbian. The following are the estimated shares in 2012:
  • Android - 14%
  • Apple iPhone - 13.7%
  • Windows Mobile - 12.8%
  • BlackBerry - 12.5%
  • Various Linux - 5.4%
  • webOS - 2.1%
  • Many mobile manufacturers are preferring Android OS currently. Internet Giant Google behind the OS is also one of the reason for its fast capturing of market share.
  • iPhone is faster with lots of apps making your phone a Universal System.
  • Blackberry OS speed is very impressive and its best for business people.
  • Windows mobile looks quite promising with new versions 6.5 released and 7 releasing in next year.
  • Symbian OS has its history and in fact its the oldest and most used OS till current date.
Mobile OS war between Android vs iPhone vs Blackberry vs Symbian vs Windows Mobile will make mobile users more advantageous with lots of new features in new models.

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