Download App for Automatic filtering of incoming SMS in Windows mobile

For all those who are looking for an App that can automatically filter incoming SMS to the respective folders in Pocket PC, here is the application. Thanks to MohitSapru who developed this app based on open source project MAPIDotNet. He tested it on HTC Touch windows 6.1 mobile. You can download the app and check in other windows mobiles.

  • Create rules for contact.
  • Create rules for Message.(manually give a filter to find in SMS body)
  • View Created rules

New release Update:
  1. Option to display contact by default, first or last name.
  2. Fixed listing of empty contacts
  3. Option to delete a rule
  4. Fixed some file issues
  5. Text will be displayed when rule gets added

Known Bugs:
  • Crash in ExistingRules tab when deleting without choosing values.

For those who have already installed previous version, you can copy Message.rule and contact.rule from directory(/Program Files/SMSRule) and replace it after installing new one, to save previously created rules.


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