Download Live picture sharing iPhone app Knocking

Share 100x the Photos of AT&T MMS, 20x the Photos of an iPhone E-Mail Instantly, Then Watch Friends Scroll and Save With the new revolutionary iphone app Knocking. You can share pictures like never before with friends using this app.

Knocking is an entirely new form of communication on the iPhone. With Knocking, someone is at the door of your mobile device. Let them in to connect in ways never before possible. Simply ‘knock’, then share moments live with friends or family.

It also eliminates the ‘upload, send, download’ process, establishing live, device-to-device connectivity regardless of proximity or other barriers.

How Knocking Works:
  • Open Knocking Live Pic Sharing
  • Set up account
  • Create an album
  • Knock a friend
  • Watch your friend control the album and save your photos

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