Download MultiFl0w multitasking app for iPhone

For all those iPhone users who are interested in multitasking here is the good news. iPhone users can now use multitasking on your phone with the new application MultiFl0w. This MultiFl0w app comes with a good UI and makes your apps run in the background.

MultiFl0w is only available for jailbroken iPhones. You can download MultiFl0w directly from Cydia and Rock.

Though its a paid version which costs you $4.99, you will get a 10 day trail. Try the MultiFl0w app for 10 days and if you like it you can purchase this fantastic multitasking app.

Though I uses Omnia HD, one of my friend who has iPhone said that MultiFl0w is worth an app which provides best multitasking experience on iPhone.

Download MultiFl0w directly from Cydia or here. Checkout the video to know more about this app.

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