Download Voice to Text Conversion app for your mobile phone

Are you tired of typing long emails and SMS from your mobile phone? Then this Jott application is for you. Jott is a free voice-to-text conversion app. So from now onwards instead of typing long mails, just start speaking and application will convert your voice into text then show up in your Jott notes. You can then use these Jott notes and forward the email.

Features include:

1. Voice-to-Text Notes
2. Hands-free Email & Text
3. Take notes, set reminders, and manage your lists
4. Post updates to web services
5. Group Messaging
6. Good recording screen

Download jott for iPhone

To download directly to your BlackBerry, visit on your BlackBerry web browser

Just type into your phone's browser and you'll have access to all of your Jott lists

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