Apple iPhone's loss will be Google's Android gain!

Emergence: The steep technology growth of the Mobile Phones and their Operating systems have made a chained positive effect on the Mobile market. This in turn has increased the usage of various hi tech mobile applications. Recent findings from the ABI Research say that the number of mobile applications that will be downloaded by 2014 would be more than double when compared to the current rate. It would reach an unimaginable number of 5 Billion downloads.

Expected Leaders: The iPhone’s share of application market is expected to shrink from 2010. Android which is being accepted massively both by vendors and consumers would be majorly benefited with an estimated increase of 11% of market this year to a 23 % market by 2014. It seems Android will eat away some of the market share of iPhone by 2014. And RIM's Blackberry, Nokia's OVI Store, Samsung's bada apps share is also expected to increase.

The Competition: This would also effect the mobile software solutions by 2013 because of the huge competition most likely to arise by that time around. Also tremendous competition for application developers would come from free application providers or those supported by proper advertisements. Google’s free turn-by-turn navigation service is a great example that this phenomena has already emerged.

Reference: The ABI Research Report includes forecasts on leading mobile platforms like symbian, iphone OS and Android. Further details can be found on ABI Research’s website.

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