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Avatar is the word heared quite often, nowadays. This $500 million Budget movie mightn’t gain back all the money at the movies and through DVDs, But it is estimated that there would be a Huge financial inflow from the video games section for this movie.

Playstation3, Xbox are the first to rise. As per the past records, some of such games usually worth equal a high end action movie budget and around 6 million copies would be sold out in the first week itself.

When it comes to a high-end mobile video game it can run a couple million and cost up to $10 for consumers. Iphone/Ipod Touch changes the trend of mobile gaming. On the apple store for the last year the number one spot means up to 40000 downloads a day i.e. around $500 daily. And now the number one spot should worth much more, since the store is more crowded compared to last year.
Expensive Licensing for this game would definitely stand out because of the features these applications have. Hundreds of Consumers ratings at the apple store average about five out of five for the Avatar Mobile game despite mentioning some flaws.

So what are you waiting for, get the avatar game on your favourite gadgets and have fun. The game on iPhone costs $9.99 and it is around 189MB.

Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Sony ericson,Motorola and LG users can get this game for $4.99 from gameloft website

Check out the video to get the look and feel of the avatar game on mobile phone

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