Download Best RSS Reader for iPhone

When it comes to RSS Readers for iPhone the following names come into the race.
Out of them, Byline seems to be the fastest and also has the capability to store each feed for offline reading later on. Next most exiting thing about this is the feature that allows us to see the folders and choose multiple items at once etc. This helps us to read things by category, like if one wants to read news first he can do that and later come to other sections . Byline also gives us a quick overview of all the items showing the title and beginning of the item. That means is gives the user an option whether or not to read an article in detail.

Eventough I suggest Byline app, it depends on independent opinions and usage when it comes to deciding the best choice. Anyways the above mentioned six applications are very much solid with excellent performance and nice features. Hope you would share your experiences with various RSS readers.

By the way the cheapest RSS reader among the above was Doppler which comes for $0.99 while Byline costs you $3.99

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