Download HTC HD2 BsB Tweaks

BsB Tweaks 1.5 provides different tweaks for your HTC HD2 mobile phone.

  • Many Tweaks and Reg changes.
  • Rotation: Add rotation support to any applications easily.
  • Pinch to Zoom: Add zoom support to any application easily.
  • Data Connection: Enable/Disable Data connections.
  • Manila Language: Changes manila language.
  • Take screenshots of the screen when shaked!
The following are the some of the tweaks you can do on HTC HD2 using BsB Tweaks:

  • Power Saving - Enables the power setting options to save some battery.
  • Hidden Camera Modes - Activates hidden camera modes (GPS photo mode & video share)
  • Auto Lock - Automatic lock the device when not in use.
  • Auto Sync Clock - Automatic sync the clock and time zone.
  • STK Service - Enable or Disable the STK Service (Sim ToolKit).
  • Windows Settings - Show normal settings in start menu
  • SIM Contacts - Show SIM contacts in your contact list.
  • SMS Mode - Change SMS view, between Chat and classic view.
  • HTC Vibration - Enable the vibration in HTC applications.
  • Customer Feedback - Enable or Disable the custom feedback service.
  • Error Reporting - Enable or Disable the error reporting service.
  • Owner Info - Show or hide the Owner Info in settings.
  • Screen Sensitivity - Decrease screen response sensitivity.
  • Polices - Allow install and run unsigned applications.
  • HTC Magnifier - Enable or disable the HTC magnifier option.
  • Phone Slide Cover - Show or hide the incall slide cover option.
  • Windows Notifications - Enable dismiss X time in windows notifications.
  • Radio Deemphasis - Improves radio quality.
  • Glyph Cache - Enable high glyph cache, graphics render for faster graphics.
  • TCP/IP Cache - Increase cache of TCP/IP
  • Startup Animation - Disable the startup animation for faster boot.
  • System Menus - Enable or Disable the default windows menu.
  • Manila Send Button - Show send button in messaging applications.
Led Notifications:
  • Message Notification - Enable LEDS when you have a new SMS.
  • Voice Mail Notification - Enable LEDS when you have a new entry in voicemaill.
  • Call Notification - Enable LEDS when you have a missed call.
  • Reminder Notification - Enable LEDS for reminder notifications.
  • Wifi N- Enable Wifi N, to improve network throughput.
Opera 9.7:
  • Opera Vibration - Enable vibration in Opera browser.
  • Opera ZoomBar - Show or hide the Opera zoom bar control.
  • Opera Visual Back - Enable Opera visual back feature.
  • Opera Link Click - Enable the ability to click links without zooming.
  • Opera Tabs - Allow having 9 opera tabs in browser.

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