Download iVideoCamera, lets iPhone 3G users to record videos

iVideoCamera is finally approved by Apple and is live in Appstore. Now you don't need iPhone 3GS to record videos, with this app even 2G and 3G users can record videos and share them with friends and families.

You can record the videos and share them via Facebook, Youtube and vimeo.

But currently these app has some limitations which will be improved in further updates.
  • This app lets you record about 3 fps on any iPhone.
  • Videos are limited to about 1 minute.
  • Resolution is low.
Works with any 2G or 3G iPhone with 3.1 OS installed.

Its better to have something than nothing. Though video quality is not that great, it provides ability for older versions of iPhone users to record videos.

Download iVideoCamera app.

If you have iPhone 3GS, you dont need this app since you have video recorder already.

Check out the sample video which is recorded by iPhone 3G using this app.


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