Download MY KEYPAD app for Securing your Home

The Concern:
Assume you have a House equipped with latest and highly expensive gadgets which have been bought putting all your hard earned money. You would be greatly worried when you are away from the home and are on some important trip somewhere far. The thing that always bothers you is the safety of your house. The same concern when you have a kid at home all alone.

Evolution: In the past it’s been the Security Gaurds or Dogs in the house or someone home all the time to protect it. Thanks to the new technology, these days due to tremendous advancement in the communication sectors, you can now know what’s all happening at home just by running an application on your mobile or laptop.

Total Connect: “Total Connect” from Honeywell is such a Digital Communication Service that meets the above discussed security concerns. We can control things at home just through our mobile phones. Lights and appliances can be switched on and off with this “Total Connect”.
Using the “My Keypad” application on the User side, customers can be notified of all the activities happening inside the home. Full status report on your house can be known by simply going to an application on your PDA or your iPhone.

How it Helps?
Emails shall be sent to alert the users on some specific events which shall be predefined by the user.This includes events like someone disarming the security, Opening Gun cabinet, Fire at home etc.Assume opening your mobile and clicking on an icon and entering a code and knowing the Full status of your secured home. Awesome isn’t?

Secure Sweet Homes:
It has been known that some of the Insurance companies might plan to offer discounts on the premiums for people using there Security Tools such as “Total Connect”. This shows how much impact these systems have created in developing less Insecurity prone sweet homes.

For Other phones visit Honeywell website.

Phones that support MY KEYPAD app:
(BES) BlackBerry 8100 (Pearl)
(BES) BlackBerry 8300 (Curve)
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iTouch
BackBerry 8320
BlackBerry - software version 4.1 or lower
BlackBerry - software version 4.2 or above
BlackBerry 7100i
BlackBerry 7130c
BlackBerry 7130e
BlackBerry 8230
BlackBerry 8350i (Curve)
BlackBerry 8520
BlackBerry 8700
BlackBerry 8700g
BlackBerry 8703e
BlackBerry 8800
BlackBerry 8800
BlackBerry 8820
BlackBerry 8820
BlackBerry 8830
BlackBerry 8900 (Curve)
BlackBerry 8900 (Curve)
BlackBerry 9000 (Bold)
BlackBerry 9530 Storm
BlackBerry 9630
BlackBerry Bold
BlackBerry Curve 8300
BlackBerry Curve 8310
BlackBerry Curve 8320
BlackBerry Curve 8330
BlackBerry Curve 8330
BlackBerry Curve 8330
BlackBerry Pearl 8100
BlackBerry Pearl 8100
BlackBerry Pearl 8110
BlackBerry Pearl 8130
BlackBerry Pearl 8130
BlackBerry Pearl 8130
G1 (Google Android)
Generic Cell Phone
Generic Nokia
Generic Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Generic Windows Mobile SmartPhone
HTC 3125
HTC P3450 (Touch)
HTC PPC-6800 (Mogul)
LG CE110
LG CU515
LG CU575 (Trax)
LG CU915
LG CU920 (VU)
LG GT365 (Neon)
LG Incite
LG Invision CB630
LG LX-400
LG LX-600 (Lotus)
LG LX550 (Fusic)
LG LX570 (Muziq)
LG MM535 (Vision Multi-Media)
LG Shine
Motorola CLIQ MB200 (Google Android)
Motorola EM330 Denali
Motorola ic402 (iDEN)
Motorola ic502 (Buzz)
Motorola K1 KRZR
Motorola L2 (SLVR)
Motorola L6 (SLVR)
Motorola L7 (SLVR)
Motorola L7c (SLVR)
Motorola MOTO EM330
Motorola V180
Motorola V3 (RAZR)
Motorola V3 (RAZR)
Motorola V3 (RAZR)
Motorola V365
Motorola V3c (RAZR)
Motorola V3i (RAZR)
Motorola V3m (RAZR)
Motorola V3XXX (RAZR)
Motorola V9m (RAZR 2)
Nokia 2600
Nokia 5300
Nokia 6030
Nokia 6061
Nokia 6085
Nokia 6086
Nokia 6102i
Nokia 6126
Nokia 655b
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6682
Nokia N75
Pantech C610
Pantech Matrix
Samsung a637
Samsung A767 Propel
Samsung Behold
Samsung I907 Epix
Samsung M240
Samsung Rant
Samsung SCH-i910 (Pocket PC)
Samsung SGH-A127
Samsung SGH-A707
Samsung SGH-A717
Samsung SGH-A727
Samsung SGH-A737
Samsung SGH-A777
Samsung SGH-A867 Eternity
Samsung SGH-D347
Samsung SGH-D407
Samsung SGH-T749
Samsung SGH-T819
Samsung SGH-T929
Samsung SPH-A800 (Vision Multi-Media)
Samsung SPH-A900
Samsung SPH-A900m (Power Vision)
Samsung SPH-A920 (Power Vision)
Samsung SPH-M500 (Power Vision)
Samsung SPH-M510
Samsung SPH-M520
Samsung SPH-M540 (Rant)
Samsung SPH-M550 (Exclaim)
Samsung SPH-M560
Samsung SPH-M610 (Power Vision)
Samsung SPH-M630 (Highnote)
Samsung SPH-Z400
Sanyo F6750 (Katana Eclipse)
Sanyo M1 (Power Visio)
Sanyo MM 9000 (Power Vision)
Sanyo MM-7500 (Power Vision)
Sanyo SCP-3200 Vision
Sanyo SCP-3800 (Katana LX)
Sanyo SCP-6600 (Katana)
Sanyo SCP-6650 (Katana II)
Sanyo SCP-7050 (Vision)
Sanyo SCP-8400 (Power Vision)
Sanyo SCP-8500 (Katana DLX)
Sanyo SCP-PRO200
SGH-1617 (BlackJack II SmartPhone)
SGH-i617 (BlackJack SmartPhone)
SonyEricsson TM506 Amber
UTStarcom PPC-6700 (Pocket PC)


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