Download Text to Speech iPhone app for Tech Blogging!

Blog, Blogger, Blogging are the words of today’s web information exchange network. Bloggers apart from writing posts also reads and are well aware of what the reaction would be if something silly is wrong with a blog text. They try to check them a number of times before they post. So how about a Text to Speech engine that reads them the article so as to find the errors much more easily.

One such wonderful application for iphone comes from Eight Interactive and is called as FeedMe Tech. Through this, one can multi task - simultaneously listening to the text from the blog and doing other Daily routines like cooking, jogging etc.

This is a free application and has feeds from 10 popular tech sites including the Lifehacker, TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb. Currently user is not allowed to add more feeds but this feature might be added later. This is supposed to reavel every grammatical error and misplaced punctuations etc. One can also create a custom-branded FeedMe application. For that you have to contact Eight Interactive.
iPhone appsSo bloggers and blog readers assume how this Text to speech iphone application would ease your work on both the sides.


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