Download Voice Recording app for iPhone

Good news for all the iphone users looking for a wonderful voice recording application. This application is not only for high quality recording but also has various features that include sending the clips to various social networking sites.

SHAPE Service Setup: The first thing to do on opening the application is to set up an account with SHAPE Services. Open settings by touching the button “Settings” on the upper left corner. Then the “Account” tab on the top of the screen will take you to a page where the new account has to be created or signed in to in case already created. Apart from this there are various other things that can be set with the Settings menu. You might explore them.
The recording quality is of 4 different levels of the range of 32kbps and up to 192kbps. 192kbps is almost close to the quality of music (Digital) today.

Voice Activity Detection: This is one of the features that are unique to this application. This detects and removes the dead space.VR+ can send audio clips to Facebooks, MySpace, twitter and Blogger. This recorder can also link them directly to your Computer over a wikifi network. Many more sharing options are provided and can be found by using the little blue arrow on the bottom.

So finally it’s a wonderful application for all the iphone user who wants to record regularly.


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