Setting Up Gmail on Blackberry Storm Mobile

This is for the people who are looking to use Gmail on their Blackberry Storm Mobile. Follow these Simple steps and enjoy Gmailing on your Mobile.

Activate in your Gmail account:
  1. Logon to Gmail and Open Gmail settings page.
  2. Under “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” Tab find IMAP Access and enable that.
  3. Save Changes and your Gmail account is now IMAP Enabled.
Activate in your Mobile:
  1. Go to Email settings on your mobile and Click - “agree” when the EULA screen appears.
  2. Press the “Add” Button.
  3. Select the “Other account” Option and press next button. Do not select Gmail wizard!
  4. Enter some invalid email ID and Password in the respective fields. (Email: password: abcdef).
  5. Press “Next” and let the wizard fail due to invalid email ID. Then select the Option “I will provide the settings to add this email account” and press next button.
  6. Now your mobile is ready for Gmail Address Configuration.
Configuring Your Gmail Details:
  1. Now enter your Gmail details in the respective fields. In the username field enter the portion before the @ sign. In the password field enter your Gmail password. Enter “” in the email server field and then press next.
  2. Then after the information is processed a Confirmation page appears shortly.
  3. Then the Device is redirected to your email accounts page where other settings may be edited.
Now it’s all done:

On your Mobile Home Screen a new Icon for Gmail shall appear. Then a email is sent to your Device saying that you will begin receiving emails in approx 20 minutes and now your
Gmail configuration is all done. Have a nice time with your “Blackberry storm Gmail account”.

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