TeliaSonera, First Mobile Carrier to Provide 4G Services

While Gaints telecommunication companies around the world are still upgrading their 3G Services, Sweden based TeliaSonera is taking the pride to offer worlds first 4G services. Yes TeliaSonera is the worlds first to launch 4G LongTermEvolution services.

People from Stockholm and Oslo would be the first segment of public served by this amazing Network. Mobile Broadband Connections have become very popular among the People around this area especially in Scandinavian countries. This network is expected to provide a speed of up to 160 Mbps. Amazing isn’t. Online games, live stream all will be without any lag. This would also help people enjoy video conferencing.

Assume a 3G service and then something which is 10 % even faster than that. One surprising fact is that in these places now the average download speeds will start from 20 MBps and go up to 80 Mbps which means a standard DVD download in just 4 to 5 Minutes.
How ever there are no Hand sets compatible with such services but are soon expected to reach the market. Erricsson build the Stockholm 4G network while the the same has supplied equipment for the one in Oslo.

So folks hope you are getting ready to use 4G network on you handsets soon.

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